King Charles won't go to Buckingham Palace for five years due to £369m renovation King Charles will reportedly

King Charles will reportedly be barred from visiting Buckingham Palace for five years due to a £369million renovation.

According to The Sun, Her Majesty, 73, Queen Consort Camilla, 75, is instead scheduled to spend the weekend

three days a week at Clarence House 400 yards away at Windsor Castle for two - in Sandringham, Norfolk.

On 14.10.22 Charles told the publication about the delay in the move to the palace. The renovation is far behind

the times the monarch should stay at Buckingham Palace. The palace is halfway through a 10-year renovation,

renovation, fittings will include new electrics, plumbing and heating, making it uninhabitable by 2027.

It will be especially needed during a difficult Christmas this year The royals are mourning the loss of Queen Elizabeth,

who died on September 8 at the age of 96 at her Balmoral Estate home. The date of the coronation of Charles

Charles the following year was announced as May 6, 70 years after the Queen's coronation in June 1953.

The king has changed the world over the last 70 years, withdrew a lot of coronations. The cost of the coronation

 was £1.57 million, with more than 8,000 guests representing 129 countries traveling to Westminster Abbey

Abbey for an event equivalent to today's £46million that forced full VIPs to sit on temporary benches.