From KGF Chapter 2 To Ponniyin Selvan 1 From RRR, KGF 2, Kantara to Vikram, Ponniyin Selvan check out which movies actually became

the biggest hits at the All India Box Office Tollywood has had a very watchable year at the box office,

with the film industry facing its ups and downs. First and foremost, it took time for audiences to return to theaters in

the first quarter of 2022, and when they did, the next two quarters saw a lukewarm response. Nine were clean

hits including five blockbusters, which clearly highlighted that while film-goers were keen to return to the cinema halls,

ewer Telugu films excited them than in recent years. Let's see which Telugu movies like RRR, Seetha Ramam among others clicked

big time, which all overtook the Telugu film industry. tollywood box office report card 2022 january to september information

Films in the works from 2022 Tollywood include Bangaraju, DJ Tillu, F3, RRR, Bimbisara, Major, Sita Ramam, Kartikeya 2

and Ok Oka Jeevatham, among which RRR, DJ Tillu, Bimbisara, Sita Ramam and Kartikeya 2 blockbusters. are. The first and last are also

all-India commercial best successes, thus closing a good financial year for Tollywood, riding on nine

films alone. On the other hand, the slightly overwhelming performance of big-ticket ventures like Sarkaru Vaari Pata,

big-ticket ventures like Sarkaru Vaari Pata, Bhimla Nayak, Khiladi, Rama Rao on Duty stunned the industry a bit.