Kelly Clarkson American Idol Hollywood Simon Cowell Paula It was told that Kelly Clarkson brought her daughter

River Rose son Remington to the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony The day Kelly Clarkson received a star

on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday was well attended by many friends and family for the grand occasion.

The singer TV personality was accompanied by her children, 8-year-old daughter River Rose, 6-year-old son Remington,

well-respecting her mother for 20 years in the entertainment industry. The pop star shares both of her children well 

with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock. Clarkson, 40, took to Instagram to brag about her star's appointment on the Hollywood

Walk of Fame to express her gratitude after the ceremony, saying it lies between Harry Potter and Deadpool,

apparently from actor Daniel Radcliffe Ryan. Reynolds is mentioned. characters respectively. Dare anyone to top it! He joked like that.

Clarkson initially received the honor after celebrating the 20th anniversary of her American Idol win. Clarkson was the first

winner of the show in the 2002 inaugural season. Kelly Clarkson also shared touching note to mark 20th anniversary of

American Idol win I won American Idol 20 years ago and it changed my life forever. After winning the singing competition,

Clarkson was reported to have sold millions of records, won three Grammys and headlined eight concert tours.

Also appeared as a coach on the reality singing competition series The Voice, is an Emmy-winning daytime

is an Emmy-winning daytime talk show host, co-hosted the singing competition series American Song Contest.