Kantara Box Office Collection - Hindi Day 2: Rishabh Shetty's good film shows a huge jump of over 100%; Around Rs 100 crore 

crosses the world Do you think pan-India movies have faded after RRR and KGF2, clicking big time in its indigenous lingo from

Ponniying Selvan to Vikram and Brahmastra, failing to make a mark in the second edition then again Think because a film comes out,

titled Kantara which is already making waves in its native dialect so much so that it has caught the waves to such

an extent that the makers are forced to plan to release in multiple languages across India. Includes Hindi, Tamil,

Telugu Malayalam on 14th October. Will Kantara be the next biggest pan-India film? The makers of KGF are supporting Kantara,

it says a lot about that kind of product. Secondly, the film not only proved to be a blockbuster in her home state of Karnataka,

it is also doing well at the box office. That the makers are giving it a wide release on over 2500 screens. There are other

languages across India. With this the absence of a major Bollywood release this week or a strong grip of a Bollywood film

and it is open ground for a big screen experience like Kantara, which is the only thing audiences thrive on these days.