James Cameron on pushing the boundaries in Avatar and Super/Natural James Cameron on pushing the boundaries of what's possible in Avatar

Avatar and Super/Natural James Cameron is on a mission to push the boundaries beyond what is possible.

The Academy Award-winning filmmaker soon became a visionary thanks to his early work in The Terminator franchise Aliens.

Titanic was the first film to reach the $1 billion mark, winning 11 Oscars from a film plagued by production problems. 

Cameron's Avatar dazzled on his way to becoming the world's highest-grossing film using 3D technology, a title he still holds to this day.

Despite becoming one of the most important filmmakers of the past 40 years, Cameron is an explorer at heart,

 his fascination with Earth is well demonstrated in the new National Geographic series, Super/Natural. 

 Thanks so much to scientific and technological advances, the series displays some of the most fascinating imagery ever recorded.

Digital Trends participated in a roundtable discussion with Cameron about the upcoming series. Discovering New

Science for Super/Natural Well explained the excitement behind exploring new ideas to design new creatures for Avatar.

Note: This interview has been briefly edited for greater detail and clarity. Digital Trends: As humans get older they are further

cut off from nature. With Avatar, what you see on the screen is bringing you back in a state of childish wonder.

The people in Super/Natural are in awe of these shocking scenes. How were you able to get that childish surprise in Super/Natural?