James Cameron Worried 'Avatar 2' Won't Be Relevant 13 Years After Original Until Its Trailer Hits Avatar: The Way of Water is on

its way to James Cameron. The director revealed that his first "Avatar" film in 2009 would never have considered doing a

follow-up film within two years, despite a 13-year hiatus between its sequel "The Way of Water" hitting theaters on December 16.

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Times that I could make a sequel two years later and bomb it because people didn't relate to directing the characters in the film.

But the COVID-19 pandemic pushed Avatar: The Way of Water back to a 2022 release date, seven years after the first film, 

double the time for a typical Cameron sequel. Cameron said, "I have extended my way into the fast-paced modern world

 with the arrival of 'Avatar 2' 12 years later. We didn't miss the teaser trailer garnered 148 million views in 24 hours.

Surprised we haven't seen it in a long time To add to the excitement for the sequel, it will be re-released in cinemas on

September 23. The first "Avatar" movie to make history, grossing $2 billion, will be released with 4K high dynamic range restoration.