Megalodon Sharks Otodus Atlantic Ocean | Island shark Sonar image of 50-foot 'megalodon' shocked Rhode Island shark

researchers in an instant Researchers quickly realized the image showed a school of mackerel, not an ancient apex predator.

Those researchers at the Atlantic Shark Institute in Rhode Island thought maybe a giant shark came back from ancient history.

Shark research recently began during the trip, according to a post by the institute on Facebook. When

the researchers took a look at the sonar fish finder, they were shocked to see what the giant shark looked like.

Its size may have been that of Otodus megalodon, a "macropredator" that lived between 23 and 2.6 million

years ago, according to a research article in Science. Megalodon could cruise faster than shark species today

could completely hunt prey the size of modern apex predators, says paleontologist, who created the first 3D model of a shark

According to the article, the megalodon can grow up to 20 meters long and prefers larger prey, which helps reduce competition.

The length of the image estimated that 'Meg' would be about 50 feet tall, weighing 40 tons! wrote on Facebook.

Sadly, after a few minutes the researchers noticed a change in the image that they realized was a big school 

of mackerel, not the return of one of Earth's terrifying predators. Commenters on Facebook jokingly said researchers

were "catfished" when a person online used a fake profile picture by mackerels posing as a more dominant fish.