Weight Loss Tips: How To Lose Fat In a Week: Do 3 things after waking up in the morning, obesity will disappear in 7 days

People are facing the problem of obesity. Losing weight seems like impossible at times. In such a situation,

some things can be followed, some morning habits can help in reducing weight. To reduce obesity, do these things

as soon as you wake up in the morning- Daily 15 minute walk- Exercise or physical activity is like a good diet. Exercising in the morning

keeps blood sugar levels under control throughout the day. Exercising helps the body burn excessive calories and reduce obesity.

Do walk for 15 minutes in the morning. Whether you can do meditation yoga or stretching exercises of choice. Keep yourself hydrated

Drinking water in the morning is very good and beneficial for health. Water promotes metabolism and flushes out toxins from the 

body. Water keeps your body hydrated, you feel less hungry. If you want to lose weight fast then lemonade is a good option.

Soaked dry fruits- Morning routine affects mood in many ways. It is often advised to start your day in a good way. In this case,

nuts can be included in the diet. You start your day with soaked almonds, doing this will help in reducing weight.