Billy Baldwin, Maria Shriver, herself along with Donald Trump respond well to news of the all-New York citizen fraud lawsuit 

against former POTUS On September 21, New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a civil fraud lawsuit against some of former

President Donald Trump's children and other Trump Organization aides, claiming they used Trump properties to

obtain bank loans. Raised the price greatly, deflated them for tax relief. Ag a Democrat called art of piracy.

 NBC News reported that the 220-page lawsuit alleges more than 200 fraud counts over 10 years. James'

office is seeking $250 million in penalties. These acts of fraudulent misrepresentation were similar in nature,

committed as part of a general effort by management at the Trump Organization for each annual statement, 

approved at the highest levels of the Trump Organization, including Mr. Calling the lawsuit himself,

on Twitter, James said the country doesn't have two sets of laws for people: Presidents are to be held to the same

standards as everyday Americans. Celebrities and notable names reacted publicly on Twitter following the lawsuit.