Gundam Evolution is giving players a popular Overwatch disconnect penalty Gundam Evolution quickly moved up

the Steam charts and players were reported to persist despite some really bad connection issues that brought

the stated temporary ban. Gundam hasn't stayed with Evolution, which is basically Overwatch, just with robots

from the classic anime franchise instead of sci-fi superheroes. Its beta was well received. It has now launched

right now as a free-to-play PC game, with console versions to follow in December. Gundam Evolution opens in

new tab 56,911 on Steam Reached peak concurrent player count of players becoming 17th most played game.

game. Survival puts it right ahead of venerable favorites like Evolved, Warframe and Rainbow Six Siege.

The most prevalent issue is seeing the game locked to a white screen, which Bandai Namco says is checking

it opens in a new tab. Reported an issue where the screen would turn white immediately after a match then

the game would freeze, giving players a leaving penalty for exiting the game and attempting to re-enter the game.

game. Currently investigating it. Thank you for your understanding. We apologize for the inconvenience.