Health Tips: Green Apple Benefits Benefits of eating green apple for health Apple has a wealth of health.

If apples are eaten daily, health can have many benefits. Green apple proves to be beneficial for health.

Green apple contains calcium, iron, vitamins and antioxidant properties, which benefit the body and keep diseases away.

beneficial for mental health Green apple contains an element called quercetin, it is considered very good for strengthening

mental health. Who cures Alzheimer's disease make bones strong Calcium is present in green apples. Calcium is essential for bones.

strengthen the liver The nutrients present in green apples make the liver strong. Antioxidants and fiber are found in green apple.

These are very beneficial for digestion. beneficial in digestion Green apple is considered beneficial for digestion.

It is beneficial in fiber digestion. Eating green apple improves metabolism. lose weight It is rich in minerals, fiber as well as antioxidants.

Eating it increases the rate of metabolism. Green apple gives energy. Eating it daily helps in reducing weight.

increase eyesight Vitamin A is present in green apples, which proves to be effective in increasing the eyesight beneficial for the eyes.

benefit the lungs Green apple benefits the lungs. Consuming it also provides relief in breathing problems.