Gorbachev is gone, coming to Chick-fil-A Town, the (oh, great) volcanoes are on fire now.

Ding Dongs It's Me, Elinor Jones, here along with a compilation of a bunch of rubbish I found on the Internet,


presented it as The Trash Report. Help me with a name workshop for everyone who loves reading


 columns. Garbage Gals Dump Truck There aren't too many flashy ways to incorporate garbage into a catchy


 name LMK do you have any other suggestions. Now break down: How do you like the truth?


Telling disgraced former President Donald Trump can't stop from trouble, we love watching it.

The latest WTF Twitter rip-off came via Truth Social, where he wrote in response to the infamous photo of highly

classified documents illegally made at Mar a Lago: taken out of cartons and spread around. carpet, it would have looked like

a big 'discovery' for them. Protecting sensitive materials in boxes! Will it last in court? Attorney General Merrick Garland

certainly isn't going to make charges. One just has to see Trump go down over the past several decades: from the failure of his


business ventures. Next on that list would probably be the self-criminal dispenser Truth Social, refusing to provide

the Google Store due to the horrific restraint of violent mobs. So Trump probably won't go to real jail there's a real

chance the man will lose the ability to contact the outside world. is that enough for you, On passing time with Gorbachev

Speaking of Russia (zing!) The world was shocked to learn of the death of USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev last week.


Because there was no idea that he was still alive. He was only 92 when he died. Gorbachev's photos

 from the '80s when he was ending the Cold War looked pristine, but it turns out he was only in his fifties!? Sandra Bullock,

 Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves are all currently around 58 years old. If any of them changed the global balance of power today,


one would consider them child prodigies, so I would posthumously recognize Gorbachev as the precocious SOB.

A reference point about this: Leonardo DiCaprio's recent ex-girlfriend, 25-year-old Camila Morrone, was born 6 years after

the collapse of the USSR. Leo continues the pattern of starting a relationship with a woman only in her 20s,

 then his next girlfriend will be younger than the 9/11 terrorist attacks. That's why he's weird.

Gorbachev is gone