Free Fire MAX for 5 days free,  Fang Pet and Sit Down Emote! Just complete this task Those who played Free Fire MAX would have known

how many seven events are in the game. Garena keeps on introducing new events to keep its users engaged in the game. From today,

Garena has started a new event, named Fang Top-Up Event, this event started on 18 October and gamers will be able

 to take advantage of it till 23 October. Today Garena himself proved himself. During this event, gamers will have to recharge

the number of diamonds specified in the Free Fire Max account, after which the users will be given free of cost. During this top-up event,

gamers will be rewarded with a pet, pet skin, as well as a legendary emote. The name of the pet that gamers get is Fang,

Garena is the popular pet of Free Fire Max. It was told that the pet skin name found in this event is Lava Fang and the legend 

emote name is Sit Down. Gamers will have to recharge separately for all three items. About the rewards you get in this top-up event

Fang Pet and Lava Fang Pet Skin will have to buy 100 diamonds for free. You have to buy 500 Diamonds to get Sit Down Emote for free.

Diamonds will be available for how much rupees? To buy 100 diamonds, 80 rupees will have to be spent.

400 rupees will have to be spent to buy a pack of 520 diamonds. Learn how to get exclusive in-game items for free

If you buy a pack of 520 diamonds, you will get all three rewards of this event. You will have to spend Rs 400 to get all these three 

in-game items. To get the reward from this event, money has to be spent, so how did the free reward happen

None of the diamonds you buy for this event will have to be spent to earn Diamonds Rewards. All these

spent to earn Diamonds Rewards. All these diamonds will be stored in Free Fire Max's in-game account.