Euro Cross Academy: Training with Dutch national team coach Gerben de Kenegta Today the full riders of the Euro Cross

Academy had the wonderful opportunity to train with Gerben de Kennegut, coach of the Dutch national team, in the famous

Elfen Forest. Many of the world's best cyclocross racers have been practicing for years and importantly, currently

 the world's best Dutch women all train every Wednesday. Reportedly, training began with a cone slalom warm-up,

easy laps around a wide open field of grass on the edge of a small lake. Gerben demonstrated a drill called

 the Shuffle where you had to run full circle around your bike while walking and remount as fast as you can each time

your whistle blows. Never did and had never heard of the exercise in my life Gerben taught me that in order 

to get hopeless things done well, the first step you have to take is to look at it from a different perspective,

sometimes that means you have to slow down to go faster. Just like there are challenging obstacles in

your life you have to overcome. The only way to overcome them is by slowing down and looking at things

looking at things from a different perspective instead of going full speed with everything in front.