Disadvantages Of Eating Radish At Night Radish: Don't forget to eat radish at night, these big damages to the body

Radish is full of many properties. Radish can be eaten in many ways in the form of salads, vegetables and

parathas. Eating changes the taste, but eating it in the wrong way can harm health. It is not advised to consume

 radish at night. Consuming radish at night has many disadvantages to the body. Disadvantages of eating radish at night-

body pain- Consumption of radish can increase body pain at night. If there is already pain in the body,

then the consumption of radish should be avoided. There is a problem of low BP at night due to consumption of root. 

This is why radishes are hypoglycemic and are harmful to the body. stomach ache- You should not consume radish in the night time.

This is because the amount of iron in it is high. Excess intake of iron causes problems like abdominal pain,

constipation. If radish is consumed at night, it causes pain in the knee, waist, shoulder or leg. pain in bones-

Those who have problems related to bones should avoid consuming radish during the night. If you have the problem of arthritis or 

radish during the night. If you have the problem of arthritis or arthritis, then you should avoid consuming radish.