Dahmer Netflix's Monsters Might Actually Be Meaningful It's hard to believe with the true crime documentary

craze of the past years, the infamous case of Jeffrey Demer remained mostly in the shadows. Netflix today released 

new mini-series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, about the serial killer case of Milwaukee and shocked the entire nation.

Even those with gruesome details and national reputation could easily tell themselves about this latest

Jeffrey Asphalt saga. The series arrived on streaming services as the media's obsession with murderous twists

and turns seemed increasingly tiring, sometimes even tasteless. After dealing with decades of Dahmer's shadow

hanging over the city most can feel Milwaukee visitors. Worse Cinematic retellings often went from bad to worse,

in some cases even starring Disney tweens. When It's Not Asphalt Making a Murderer Slender Man and others are turning

the state's high-profile trauma into entertainment But the new Netflix mini-series looks most interesting even to those of the killer

show of the series based on Milwaukee's most famous killer. Here are five reasons why the "monster" might

Here are five reasons why the "monster" might hopefully be worth turning back into the asphalt case.