Chiranjeevi reveals Pushpa's director Sukumar suggested Lucifer remake would be perfect for him Megastar Chiranjeevi currently working

Megastar Chiranjeevi currently working on the success of the political thriller Godfather plays the lead role of Brahma. 

His son and producer of the film Ram Charan was mentioned Lucifer. Director Sukumar was the one who convinced

Chiranjeevi that the film would suit his personality, provided changes were made to Lucifer's original story.

Chiranjeevi's credits film crossed Rs 100 crore within five days of release The 67-year-old actor revealed that Pushpa

was the director Sukumar who felt that Lucifer would be perfect for the megastar. Chiranjeevi said director Sukumar

told me if some changes are made then Lucifer will be perfect for me. Mohan Raja will do justice to Lucifer remake.

Mohan is also a favorite subject of Raja. He said with great enthusiasm that he would do so. He sat down with Satyanand

the whole team added many cool changes and made Godfather amazing. Chiranjeevi on why he chose Salman Khan

over Pawan Kalyan for Godfather cameo Godfather has no regular songs like other Telugu movies except a promotional song

"Thar Maar" by Salman Khan. Chiranjeevi said that there is no complaint from anyone about the different format in the film.