PD characters have appeared at the Chicago Fire premiere Chicago Fire signaled big decisions in the season 11 premiere.

Romance revived Others were terminated, leaving some characters outright. A character who went through a more subtle crisis,

Severide (Taylor Kinney). Severide is still dealing with the outcome of the case that overtook him last season after he and Kidd

(Miranda Rae Mayo) were nearly murdered on their honeymoon. He is fed up he has the right to be forever. 

Fortunately some connections have been found with Chicago PD. About the Chicago Fire Season 11 Premiere Spoilers

The latter does nothing to assuage her concerns from an officer named Severide Prima. He says nothing about the mole 

and repeatedly tells Severide that he is handling it without informing. Severide gets excited enough to decide to do a little

digging of his own. Severide reaches out to none other than Chicago PD's Hallie Upton (Tracy Spiridakos),

who confirms all of her worst fears about Prima. She tells him that the prima is not doing anything to expose the mole,

he may be using the situation to his advantage. Severide drives off angrily, with brief exchanges between the Fire and PD

characters suggesting a larger issue that could, in fact, lead into the multi-part crossover audiences have been teasing

for over a year. The opening moments of the Chicago Made premiere also showed fire, so it's possible

Made premiere also showed fire, so it's possible the franchise is priming fans for more as the 2022-23 season progresses.