canelo vs ggg 3 2022 for knockout blow It was easier said than done. Everyone understands GGG should go for the knockouts.

Much of Keo entering the bout comes from Canelo who is unclear about his desire to end the rivalry with fireworks. 

But let's not forget how most boxing critic fans alike believed GGG won the first fight; many of them felt it did enough to win

the rematch, only to see Alvarez make his own by majority decision. raised his hand. Two fights Two controversial decisions

that should have gone Golovkin's way Well, the only way to ensure that the fate of the match doesn't go to the judges is to deliver

a knockout blow. With Alvarez losing to Dimitri Bivol in May only his second career loss, what better time for GGG to test him?

Saul Canelo Alvarez wins Be a busy fighter apply pressure very quickly Alvarez did an excellent job of bringing the fight to GGG,

directing the action on several key scenes in the September 2018 rematch. This trilogy has to do the same, pressuring flat

out being the busy fighter. Canelo's ability to put him in an assertive position would force 40-year-old Golovkin to go on

the backfoot a lot. Watch Golovkin Sergei Derevyanchenko sparring between October 2019. The rugged Ukrainian fighter was supposedly

capable of inflicting multiple injuries to the future Hall of Famer with unbelievably wicked body shots. If Derevianchenko 

could cause any damage to GGG's body, Canelo Schrader might. Alvarez already has electric body work he would have chosen

to abstain from headhunting. Being a busy fighter with initial pressure, Canelo would have accumulated very quickly in the body. 

The commitment at the start of the fight could soften the Kazakh warrior enough to let the guard down for Canelo to attempt

a knockout whatever he wants. GGG walk down, take a good look at the uppercut GGG showed an increasing tendency to tilt

the head down a bit as he tried to take offense Canelo did a solid job of taking GGG down in parts of his second fight. 

Canelo sees a downward head movement from GGG that it would be fitting for him to remove an uppercut. 

 from GGG that it would be fitting for him to remove an uppercut. An unsuspecting Golovkin would be shocked if it launched suitably.