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Where is Bill Hall Jr's mistress Bonnie Contreras? In 2010, she began dating former stripper Bonnie Contreras,

trucking businessman Bill Hall Jr. Bill was already married to his wife Frances while attending Bonnie's affair.

Bill ended up colliding with his motorcycle on October 20, 2013. While driving in front of the boyfriend at the time

of the accident, Bonnie later accuses Frances Hall of deliberately driving the car to hit Bill's motorcycle.

Refuting Bonnie's claim in court, Francis argued that the fatal collision was an accident. On 13 September 2016,

Frances was sentenced to two years in prison for grievous assault with a deadly weapon. Regarding Francis'

decision and his fellow trial, Bonnie tells KNS 5 Can't Hate Anyone Frances Hall has received. do i agree? No,

 I'm fine with that. If I had a chance to talk to Francis face-to-face, I would tell him I'm sorry. I forgive this.

Hannah can be selfish to me because Bill isn't here, but on the same token I know Bill and I won't be at each other's hugs.

Former foreign dancer shares her part: I know who I am. I am a very good person. I never mean to harm anyone in any way.

Me as a side person people portray me as character or mistress doesn't bother me at all. I knew something about his life.

 I was always with him. Reflecting on the relationship with the late Bill, he said: I was his girlfriend and I was his love.

I was everything to him. He can't wait to have kids, he can't wait to get married. Bonnie lives well in San Antonio Texas,

where Body by Bliss is owned and operated. She is also the owner of several businesses including Malaya's Garden,

Rhino Botanical, Bliss Botanical. Episodes of Dateline tell the story of Bill's relationship with his love triangle

with his wife Frances. How can I watch an episode of Boney's Dateline? Bonnie and Bill's affair is described in an episode

of Dateline NBC called Collision. Both Bonnie Francis detail what happened to news anchor Andrea Canning.

Bill Hall Jr The broadcast originally aired on 21 July 2017 and is scheduled to rerun on 9 September 2022.