Big Boss-16: Why did Bigg Boss contestant Abdu Rojic look like a child at the age of 19, why didn't his height increase?

Bigg-Boss 16 Contestant- Abdu Rozik became the first choice of the audience this season. Originally from Tajikistan, 

Rozik is 19 years old but looks like a 4-5 year old child. According to reports, Rosik is suffering from Growth Hormone Deficiency,

he has the problem of Rickets. What is the problem of growth hormone deficiency Growth hormone deficiency (GHD)

causes dwarfism in a person. This problem is congenital or may develop later. According to health experts,

this type of problem occurs due to the production of growth hormone in very small amounts by the pituitary gland. 

his problem can occur due to genetic defects, severe brain injury or due to lack of pituitary gland from birth.

How to detect growth hormone deficiency? If you are not able to grow according to age or if intellectual development is less

then it may be due to deficiency in growth hormone. According to doctors, this problem is detected by blood test,

it is not considered a very accurate test. Doctors recommend doing some special tests. Once the condition becomes clear,

it can be treated through hormonal therapy, but the therapy also has many side effects. Rickets problem

Another problem for Abdu is Rickets. Usually occurs due to vitamin D deficiency. It is very difficult to maintain proper calcium and 

phosphorus levels in the bones because of vitamin D deficiency. Due to rickets, the bones of children become soft and weak.