About know Bigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaar: Shalin Bhanot tags Soundarya Sharma as 'Paltu' during the task

Everyone was happy and surprised as Salman Khan cheered the contestants by playing the song Allah Duhai

Hai instead of the anthem of the morning. He informs that he will be Bigg Boss for the day and will keep

an eye on their movements so that they cannot escape from him. Asks them to come to the activity area and tell

them that the contestants who have different juices with the respective tags can go and mix multiple tags if necessary

Gori calls Sreejita and Sumbul Gori, Archana Soundarya calls each other Salman remarks that the kitchen

queens can't stand each other criticizing each other. Stan calls Shalin Priyanka and Nimrit call each other,

Shiv and Ankit call Shalin. Sajid and Abdu vote each other well. Salman applauds Nimrit and Priyanka for fighting.

Everyone starts laughing when Gautam calls Shalin. She was so surprised when Shalin voted for Soundarya 

and made her day. Soundarya says Shalin's male ego has been hurt so he is trying to fix things by blaming her.