Benefits Of Giloy: Best Ways To Use Giloy Rain or cold immunity will be so tremendous; diseases will change the way from afar

The weather is changing rapidly, in this changing season, people fall ill very fast. To get rid of the disease, different types of 

medicines are used which prove to be harmful for the body. The use of medicines without any means can be hollow from inside.

To deal with seasonal diseases like cough and cold, one can turn to Ayurvedic medicine. Giloy is considered a potent medicine in 

Ayurveda. Giloy is very effective against these seasonal diseases. It is rich in antioxidants, shows effect against many deadly 

diseases like dengue, swine flu, malaria. How to consume Giloy Fever and cold are the most common diseases.

Giloy shows excellent effect. Giloy acts as a natural antipyretic and boosts immunity against bacteria. way of consuming it.

It can be used as a decoction by mixing it with tea without milk. Giloy juice from a trusted company available in the market can be used,

Giloy gives great relief in problems related to digestion, constipation, acidity, gas and bloating. It is beneficial for diabetic patients.

Giloy is used not only to increase immunity, but its use gives relief from many problems. Taking Giloy boiled with milk

Taking Giloy boiled with milk provides great relief in joint pain. Consuming it with ginger reduces the effect of gout.

Giloy powder is very beneficial for the eyes. Boil this powder and apply its juice on the eyelids after cooling down.