The Steelers came back as a defense | NFL Season Tom Brady is playing in the month of January. The Browns missed

the playoffs due to a lack. Jacksonville earned the first overall draft pick. Some things in the NFL make you feel inevitable.

Featuring elite defense Pittsburgh is one of those givens that was allowed to finish 20th in the league last season as such a blow.

 NFL Season The Steeler Defense was a slot machine for explosive plays. Pull the lever on the play You get the safety

Minka Fitzpatrick jumping the path of the far thrown corner for the pick-6. Pulling the lever again you get a blitz

package that frees linebacker Alex Highsmith to defeat one-on-one offensive tackles for the strip sack.

Go back for the third bridge. Will you mind that, T.J. Watt forces the tackle for a loss, grabs an interception on back-to-back plays.

Sending pressure to Bengals quarterback Burrow was key for most of the game. The Steelers threatened rookie left

wing guard Cordell Wolson, dropped a sack to Cameron Hayward on Cincinnati's first offensive play, then targeted Wolson's side for

Highsmith's first sack of the day. Ended up with three. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin defensive coordinator Teryl Austin,

never taking his feet off the gas, reduced Burrow to six sacks to four interceptions before the game went into overtime

and recorded sacks in overtime. The Steelers offense is just an embarrassment beyond comprehension and could not score more

than 20 points in regulation despite being gifted an endless stream of assets. The Pittsburgh defense looked back but Watt,

the reigning defensive player of the year, abandoned the game in the fourth quarter, suspected of a torn pectoral muscle.

It was told that Justin Herbert is capable of perfection. The Raiders added a Sack-Monster (Chandler Jones) all-world receiver in

the off-season. His addition was not enough to slow down Justin Herbert to keep pace with the Chargers' offense.

Herbert looked that ineffective, throwing three touchdowns during the first three quarters, with almost all of 

the best plays coming in some combination of the three, out of pocket under pressure, in the tight window.

Late in the second quarter, Herbert drilled a 23-yard touchdown down his left hash to DeAndre Carter from deep in the Raiders' 

field on the 2nd to put the Chargers up 17-3. In Raiders Tampa 2 coverage which is Cover 2, the middle

linebacker served as the third deep player running the hash. Trying to throw inside under deep-half safety,

still no easy feat away from the linebacker yet Herbert saw it regularly as making a bed to brush his teeth.