Apple releases new operating system iOS 16.1 with iPadOS 16 Washington: Apple has well released the latest versions of the operating system.

It missed out last month following the initial release of iPadOS 16, the first iteration of the operating system currently running version 16.1.

The release of iPadOS 16.1 with iOS 16.1 synced back to the version number for the company's mobile operating system,

It allows creating overlapping windows of different sizes, dragging and dropping windows, and more.

Said to organize apps and windows. It was reported later this year that the update for the M1 and M2 iPads will make Stage 

Manager fully compatible with external displays of up to 6K resolution. iPadOS 16 brings many new features for Messages,

a collection of clever tools for Mail, this support for iCloud Shared Photo Library, security and collaboration features for Safari.

In addition to several bug fixes, it is reported that it supports iOS 16.1 features: iCloud Shared Photo Library,

live activities from third-party apps on Dynamic Island, the lock screen on the iPhone 14 Pro model.

Other features in this include Fitness+ without Apple Watch, and Fitness+ without Apple Watch. Apart from this,

Apart from this, Matter, new home connectivity standard, key sharing in wallet, clean energy charging,