About Real Madrid vs RB Leipzig result Today 2022 Real Miss Benzema Rodrigo disappoints at striker Rodrigo usually plays always on the wing, 

usually in a wide right position he can sneak to run into the box at speed to finish plays. In place of

Benzema as a centre-forward, he was told that he was in a position to try to launch the attack quickly

 to act as a catalyst. But the going has stopped and they can never join compatriot Vinicius to pose any

meaningful threat. Reportedly credit RB Leipzig for closing the passing lane in the last third as Real Madrid also

 showed boundaries without their captain, creating havoc with his sight and dribbling. The replacement

in the center forward simply does not have the same skill set. Vinicius Rodrigo desperately needs someone to play i.e.

Benzema and to be dangerous he needs to run in space. It was not easy for him to do this day. Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti has admitted in recent weeks that Benzema is simply irreplaceable. Leipzig deserved much better

It was reported that there was a strong performance from RB Leipzig in Marco Rose's second match in charge,

who responded clearly to the manager's change from the opening whistle at the Bernabeu, following the

Bundesliga's very good 3–0 win over Borussia Dortmund over the weekend. Shown personality, knocking the crowd

out of Real Madrid's first Champions League home date since Manchester City's exit in the previous semi-final.

Leipzig were comfortable played within themselves, were more likely to score for most of the match. Timo Werner

played a strong innings that day, playing the provider well, Christopher Nkunku had just one off-day. 

In last season's tournament, the Frenchman was very lethal on the spot, having presented him well in the first half. It didn't happen to him at all.