2022 is not over! 10 Thriller Movie Releases 2022 has been a very good year for the film. Top Gun: Maverick

reaches incredible heights to become the fifth-highest-grossing domestic film Everywhere All At Once surprised

audiences by delivering one of the most thrillingly interesting plots of recent memory, the much talked-about Oscars .

The year is not over yet, there are a lot of upcoming releases for the audience to be excited about.

1. The Banshees of Inishrin Five years after Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri won two Academy Awards,

writer-director Martin McDonagh is returning to the big screen with The Banshees of Inishrin. Martin McDonagh

The film follows two lifelong friends whose lives take a turn when someone suddenly ends their friendship.

While the trailer shows that the film is filled with McDonagh's trademark comically witty dialogue, the fact that he is reuniting

 with his Bruges stars, Colin Farrell, is enough to buy anyone a ticket. Other film of this year named

2. Halloween Ends - David Gordon Green 3. She Said - Maria Schrader 4. Black Edam - Jaime Colette-Serra 5. Black Panther- Wakanda Forever

6. The Menu - Mark Mylod 7. Bones and All - Luca Guadagnino 8. Strange World - Don Hall and Qui Nguyen

8. Strange World - Don Hall and Qui Nguyen 9. Violent Night - Tommy Wirkola 10. Avatar: The Way of Water - James Cameron