Vastu tips for home

Best Vastu tips for home position of items at home

Vastu tips for home know position and direction of items at home

Vastu Tips: Some rules of Vastu which will remove all your troubles, lots of happiness will come in the house

If you want to live a happy and relaxed life, it is essential to have a balanced balance of the five elements in the house. Every item in the house represents an element. The house is arranged according to Vastu, due to which positive energy resides in the house, the members living in the house become healthy, happy and wealthy. According to Vastu principles, the interior decoration of the house can prove to be helpful in reducing as well as removing Vastu defects. You can adopt some Vastu rules for peace and harmony in the house.

The direction in which the worship takes place in your house is considered to be very important if it is not in the right place or if any heavy items are kept in the direction of the worship house, it has a very negative effect. Peace of mind For all-round development of the house, the place of worship must be on the north-east ie north-east. This is the place of the gods. Keep in mind that there is no toilet, kitchen or stairs above or below the place of worship. 

Vastu tips for home
Vastu tips for home

After everything is fine, it seems that money does not stop in our hands, there is a need to remove the blue color from the south-east direction area of ​​our house. Use only light orange and pink colors in this direction.
Removing the spider web, dust and dirt inside the house does not keep negative energy in the house.
It is considered very auspicious to use the North-West space for parking. Vastu tips for home

You should regularly water the plants in the pots made at home. If a plant dries up, remove it immediately.
It is beneficial for you to arrange overhead water tank in the south-west direction.
When opening and closing the door, you must close it carefully, so as not to make a crackling sound.

If a person should not sleep with his feet towards the south direction, doing so can cause restlessness, nervousness and lack of sleep.

You should not sleep in the bedroom with your feet towards the main door. And by sleeping with the head in the east direction and the feet in the west direction, there is a great increase in spiritual feelings.

In the house, you should completely avoid cactus plants, thorny bushes or bouquets of thorns for decoration in pots.

Keeping light items in the North, Northeast, East and West direction in the building is very auspicious and fruitful for you. Vastu tips for home

Appliances related to fire should be kept in the south-east direction in the house. The maintenance of the electrical appliances installed in the house should be very proper, there should not be any kind of noise or noise. 
You should make the guest’s place and room towards north and west for good relations. Vastu tips for home

By keeping medicines in the north-north-east direction, they show immediate effect to anyone very quickly. Vastu tips for home

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