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Proven Vastu Advice for Money, Prosperity 2022

Vastu Advice: Adopt this Vastu cure right away if you don’t want to stop the flow of money; Kuber will bring you enormous fortune!

Money-Saving Vastu Advice: If there is a Vastu flaw, even built-up property is destroyed. Make some Vastu adjustments if you want the flow of money into your home to remain constant.

Vastu Shastra For Your Home: Vastu Shastra provides instructions on how to spot and get rid of Vastu Dosha. The prosperity of the house would end if the Vastu flaws are not fixed. The amount of money coming in is decreased, yet occasionally Vastu Dosh cannot be removed. You can apply some Vaastu principles in this case to boost the happiness and prosperity of the house without obstructing the flow of money. With these precautions, your home will always be filled with prosperity.

 Vastu Advice
Vastu Advice

These Vastu Advice Are Very Useful

The Vastu Shastra states that the direction of money is to the north. This is the domain of Lord Kubera. If you only have a safe or money in the north of your home. It enhances riches if you maintain the safe and cabinet so that the door opens toward the north.

Never store anything heavy towards north. Always keep your light objects facing this way. This ensures that there is perpetual joy and tranquilly in the home. Additionally, there is no lapse in payment.

Kubera is the god of prosperity, just like Maa Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth. There are several advantages if you place a picture of Kuber Dev towards north and worship him every day. You will receive a large sum of money by the grace of Kuber Dev, and your financial situation will quickly improve.

The placement of a money plant in the north direction of the home brings about very favourable outcomes. A money plant in the ground is a highly lucky gesture. Attempt to place a money plant in a green glass container inside the house in addition to this.

Always keep the house’s north direction clean if you want to maintain a healthy financial situation. Never let trash or debris accumulate in a northerly direction. The result is poverty.

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