Know about the birth of Hanuman ji

According to the calculations of astrologers, it was told that Hanuman ji was born on Chaitra Purnima on Tuesday in the combination of Chitra Nakshatra and Aries Ascendant. Hanumanji’s father was known as Kesari, the monkey king of Sumeru mountain and mother’s name was Anjani.

Hanuman ji is also known as Pawan Putra, his father is also considered as Vayu Dev. There is a huge and grand temple of Bajrangbali ji in Salasar and Mehandipur Dham of Rajasthan.

About Punjikasthali or Mata Anjani

It was told that Punjikasthali was an Apsara in the meeting of Devraj Indra. Once Durvasa was present in the meeting of sage Indra, Apsara was moving in and out again and again. Seeing this, sage Durvasa got angry and cursed him to become a monkey. Punjikasthali apologized to the sage and the sage also gave a boon to assume the form as desired.

After some years it was told that Punjikasthali took birth in the form of a monkey from the womb of the wife of Vanara Shrestha Viraj. She was named Anjani. On being eligible for marriage, the father married the beautiful daughter to the great mighty ape Shiromani Vanaraja Kesari. In this form, Punjikasthali Mata was called Anjani.

Hanuman ji
Hanuman ji

The sages gave a boon to Vanaraja about this

Once while roaming, the monkey king Kesari Prabhas reached near the place of pilgrimage. There I saw that many sages had come there. Some sadhus were worshiping by placing a seat on the shore, at the same time a huge elephant came there and started killing the sages. Sage Bharadwaj was sitting on the seat very calmly, the wicked elephant swung towards him. Hanuman ji

Kesari saw the elephant creating a ruckus from the nearby mountain peak, he forcibly pulled out its big teeth and killed it. After killing the elephant, the sages were pleased and said, ask for a boon, the monkey king. Kesari asked for a boon, Lord, who takes the form as desired, mighty like the wind and you must give me a son like Rudra. The sages said aastu and they left saying. Hanuman ji

Mother Anjana’s angry

When one day Mother Anjani, assuming human form, was going to the top of the mountain. She was admiring the beauty of the setting sun. Suddenly very strong winds started blowing. His clothes got a little blown away. When he looked around, even the leaves of the surrounding trees were not moving. Hanuman ji
He thought that some demon being invisible was doing audacity on me. She said loudly, who is trying to insult my wicked woman?’ Then suddenly Pawan Dev appeared and said Goddess, do not be angry and forgive me.

Your husband has been given a boon by the sages to be a mighty son like me. Being compelled by the words of the same Mahatmas, I touched your body. From my share you will get a majestic child. He further said that Lord Rudra has well entered into you by my touch. He will appear in the form of a son. Lord Rudra himself has incarnated in the area of ​​Vanararaj Kesari. In this way Shri Ramdoot Hanumanji was born in the house of Vanararaj Kesari in his house.

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