Sun and Venus conjunction, apart from Aries, these two zodiac signs be careful!

For your information, you have to be careful with the combination of Sun and Venus. For information, let us tell you which zodiac signs are likely to suffer due to the combination of these planets.

According to the zodiac, on the last day of the month of August i.e. on the 31st, the unique combination of Venus and Sun in Leo is going to happen very soon. Let us tell you that on August 31, Venus is going to enter Leo. Where according to the Rashi it has been shown that the Sun will already be present in it. According to astrology, both the planets Venus and Sun are considered very auspicious.

But for information, let us tell you that their combination is considered very inauspicious. Therefore, its duration cannot be said to be very favorable. In the sign of Leo, both the planets Venus and Sun will be together till September 17. Which zodiac signs are more likely to suffer due to the combination of planets Venus and Sun.

Sun and Venus
Sun and Venus


This combination is not considered to be very special for the people of Capricorn. However, during this time you may face health related problems. Whatever your workplace, you may have to face some difficulties. Whatever financial problems you may have to face. You may feel a bit lost in the field of education. Your mental condition may remain bad. For all the Capricorns, in such a situation, you will have to be very careful during this combination.


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The combination of Pisces sign is more likely not to be favorable. There may be a possibility of deterioration in the health of Pisces. Therefore, whoever belongs to the Pisces zodiac sign, he has to be more cautious. You may have more serious problems related to the stomach or eyes. There is a possibility of bitterness in both the family or relationship of the person who is married. There is a possibility of sudden increase in expenses for the people of Pisces. You are also going to face problems in job or you may have to face some problems. Business men with Pisces can suffer financial loss in business.

Sun and Venus
Sun and Venus

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