Best No1 Somnath Temple Story in Gujarat

Best No1 Somnath Temple Story in Gujarat

 Somnath Temple in Gujarat

The somnath temple is a true example of resilience and pride and still stands tall despite several attacks. The story goes that the temple was built over a sacred river and dedicated by Balabhadra. However, later some Hindu traders took over the temple and changed the name to somnath temple. When Balabhadra realized, what had happened to his beloved somnath temple, he went in search for it and left his soul in search for it alone. That is how he found it today.

 Somnath Temple in Gujarat

Somnath Temple in Gujarat

When Balabhadra brought news of his beloved somnath temple with all the offerings made by his devotees, he suggested that a priest perform a ceremony around it. But when the priest decided to celebrate the somnath festival at the somnath temple instead of at his home, Balabhadra got very angry. He announced that he would punish the culprits and asked all the Hindu traders in Gujarat to leave the somnath temple. Many of them left for their own good and the temple has never been forced to close down.

But Balabhadra could not bring himself to kill the traders who had once worshiped at the temple. The home minister warned him that if Balabhadra ordered the closing of the holy shrine, the rioters would burn down the homes of the Hindus in retaliation. But Balabhadraji promised to respect the rights of the people and to stop the violence. In the end, the home minister could tolerate the presence of some Hindu traders who were staying at the temple but closed it for the entire community.

Thereafter, there were sporadic attacks on temples in Gujarat but none as severe as the attack on the somnath temple. People thought it was a planned campaign by the Hindu bigots and they took it as a challenge to convert them to Islam. But the home minister quoted a verse from the Hindu scriptures: “The temple is a house of worship, whose walls are God’s temple.” This inspired the people to continue worshiping the temple and there were no further problems. But it was too late for the police to use their guns because the riots were just started.

Soon after this, the RSS took control of the situation and started intimidating the Christian community in Gujarat. They circulated a notice that all holy religious properties should be handed over to the RSS alone. Thereafter, a mob set upon a Christian family in Amritsar and beat up the husband and wife till they were left dead. Thereafter, the rioters burned down the Christian home and killed the father and mother of the family.

The incident made the news and people everywhere began talking about it. When the CM took charge of the situation, he suggested reading the somnath temple hymns on the floor of the assembly hall. He explained that he had personally visited the somnath temple the day after the incident and had offered prayer to Lord Vishnu and was blessed by him. So reading the somnath temple hymns on the floor of the assembly hall was the best solution to quell the violence.

Later, the CM took back the shrines and rebuilt them. He also restored the vandalized temple. These activities restored the faith in the Hindus and the non-Hindus. In fact, the police even prevented a Christian from building a new shrine near the existing one in the temple complex.

The shivling happened just when the CM was addressing a large crowd at the stadium in Thiruvananthapuram. He was defending the CM by saying that temples are symbol of the Lord and they are the everlasting abode of the transcendental God. He was referring to the event that happened in the first president’s time. He went on to say that the somnath temple in Gujarat has been a resting place of the first president. “There is no connection between us and the current government,” he added.

The somnath temple history in Gujarat

The somnath temple history in Gujarat is a fascinating one. One can’t ignore the religious significance of the somnath temples. The story goes that the goddess of wealth had performed a miracle and the waters of the river Ganges were filled with blood. To please her, the lord of the earth had ordered for a boat to be built in memory of the deceased.

 Somnath Temple

Somnath Temple

When this boat was constructed, the goddess was worshipped inside it. However, she ordered that no human beings should come near the somnath or else she would take her revenge. Only elders of the community were allowed on the somnath in order to offer prayers and perform meditation.

The task of trying to draw water from the somnath temple was performed by women of the community who were referred to as sanyasis. They were assisted by a priest known as Upadhyaya. Water could not be drawn from the somnath without a large amount of force. In order to ensure that the water would remain inside the vessel, arrangements were made to build a dam on the water’s edge so that the water would overflow and flow into the Ganges.

As this process was going on, rain was pouring down in bucketfuls. However, the water could not enter as it was blocked by the heavy gates of the somnath temple. The rains upset the balance of the water and the gate was opened. Today, the gates are open to visitors who pay a visit to the Temples. The somnath temple history in Gujarat explains that since this incident, the Ganga has never flowed out of the gates.

This is one of the miracles that happened at the site. If the Ganga did not flow from the top of the Temples, then it would have been impossible for the Hindus to worship there. This is one of the reasons why this holy site has been revered by all since times immemorial. It is believed that the rains pouring from the heavens flowed down the stream of Ganga and created the holy place around the Temples.

This was the way in which the temples acted. All the water that was needed in the lives of the individuals was collected from the Ganges and transferred to the nearby shrines. All the animals that were associated with the different deities were saved along with the River Ganga. These are some of the reasons why people from all over India came to the holy land and paid homage to the Ganga. Today, the Temples are visited by devotees who take a bath in the sacred river Ganga. This is a traditional practice that started after the demise of the Hindu king Ashoka.

The story behind the construction of the Temples is even more interesting. When Ashoka was being defeated by the prince Naram-Sutshekhar, he went back to his capital and buried his head at the foot of a water spring. There he sat and waited for the holy water to flow into the earth. But when it did not appear, he took a stone from the home of his near-son and made it water. When it flowed, it formed the Ganges River and the whole land was connected with each other.

Not only was this incident significant in spreading the knowledge of water on earth, but it also laid the foundation for the concept of monasticism. The Buddhist priests who followed soon put up several Temples all along the banks of the river Ganges. The religion spread to the ends of the country and even to the peripheries of Delhi. Today the Ganga receives water from the temple called the Ganges Naturopathy Temple.

somnath Temple Timings in Gujarat

The somnath temple, better known as Somanasa temple or Deo Patan is located at Prabhas Patan, Verbal in Gujarat, India. One of the oldest and sacred pilgrimage site for the Hindus, they consider it to be the second to the twelve Jyoturna shrines of Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva took the form of a human being at the somnath temple. The construction of this temple was done by the fifth century BC.

 Somnath Temple image

Somnath Temple image

The somnath temple timings are fixed on a day named ‘ganji’ which falls on the full moon of the month Shravan. This is a very auspicious day for all the devotees of Lord Shiva who pay tribute and homage to the deity. All the arrangements, prayers and performances are carefully watched by the priest. The entire somnath temple is decorated with flowers and fruits to make the surroundings look beautiful.

People from all over India and neighboring regions visit somnath temple during this day to pay their respects to Lord Shiva. They perform all types of prayers and dance to entertain the guests. This is the main attraction for people visiting Gujrat and surrounding regions. Tourists can take an alternative route to reach the somnath temple instead of taking the highway which will take them right through the bustling cities of Gujarat.

The whole day is very enjoyable as you get to visit some of the best temples in Gujarat. The somnath temple timings in Gujarat makes sure that you don’t miss the visit. The local administration takes care of the arrangements so that the day is not a distressful one. As soon as you arrive in Gujarat, you must ask around about the best timings.

You will find that the best timings will start after morning and will continue till evening. These special days are very auspicious and you can feel the energy of the day growing strong as you visit somnath temple. All the temples in Gujarat are highly decorated and you can choose the one that is most suitable for your tastes. There are different services rendered at these temples all over the day and you can choose whichever you find more attractive.

When you visit somnath temple in Gujarat, the first things that you will notice are the aged people who are busy enjoying the somnath temple timings with full happiness. You can avail the services of the local priest and take a dip in the sacred lake which is well guarded by the temple guards. The somnath temple timings in Gujarat will be over by the end of afternoon and you can make the last stop for the day at the shubhapuram where you will have the opportunity of a peaceful evening. The shubhapuram is famous for its dancing and music. It is one of the must visit places in Gujarat.

Apart from somnath temple timings, there are many other temple festivals that you can attend in Gujarat. On the first week of May, the shubhapuram festival is celebrated and all the villages and towns participate in it. You can also view somnath temple during this time. On the 6th day of November you can once again make your way to the somnath temple in Gujarat, but this time there are many cultural programs that you can join along the way which include musical performances and dance performances.

While you are on your way to the somnath temple in Gujarat, do not forget to visit the many ancient temples nearby. All these temples have great significance and their spiritual significance cannot be ignored. So do make sure that you cover all these temples in your tour package. The Gujarat travel packages also include many sightseeing tours to important cities and tourist sites in and around Gujarat. So plan your tour and explore all these wonderful places in somnath temple timings in Gujarat.

Searching For somnath Temple Location in Gujarat?

The somnath temple is also known as Somanay temple or Doo Patan, and is located in Prabhas Patan, Gujarat, India. One of the oldest Hindu religious sites, it is believed to be the first in the world to establish a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, the lord of rains. The temple is built inside the confines of a courtyard. It is constructed from wood and is decorated with stone carvings and carved statues of deities. The somnath temple location is known for its scenic beauty and is a preferred location for honeymooners, as well as travelers and tourists. Tourists like to visit the somnath temple location during summers.

There are many ways to reach the somnath temple location. The easiest way to reach it is by road. The state highway connects Mumbai to Pune, the second largest city of Maharashtra. Another option is to take an indirect bus service from Orchidi to the somnath temple location. Buses from Mumbai also travel to Manjiri, a village near the somnath temple. A ride from Manjiri to the somnath temple location will give you a chance to see some remarkable architecture and beautiful landscapes.

The journey starts out at Manjiri. On the way, you will pass the Manjiri Girls School and the Hindu Temple of Goddess Subhadra at Anand. You can continue your journey through Manjiri and arrive at the Somnath Lake, where you will find the somnath. From here, you will have a lovely view of the silver monasteries set in the lush green fields of Manjiri. You will also encounter a small village of votive candles. Just before reaching the somnath, you will come across a small boy playing with water.

This small incident gives you a small taste of what the somnath temple is all about. The next day, you will make your way to the actual somnath temple. While you are inside the temple, the somnath begins to attract you as a lot of devotees from nearby villages gather to pray and participate in somnath activities. A small bridge is fixed across the Ganges at the somnath site. At the same time, a small boy playing with a water pitcher offers you a cup of tea.

The temple offers morning and afternoon prayers. On a hot summer’s day, devotees visit somnath to meditate. In the evening, the somnath is lit and dedicated to Lord Ganesha. There are special days when the somnath is not lit, or when the devotees refrain from performing any somnath activities like meditation and prayers. On these somnath days, devotees visit the somnath for a picnic.

All through Gujarat and India, you will notice many Gods and goddesses playing with lighted candles in somnath. The somnath is also referred to as ‘Agni somnath’ or ‘lords somnath’. You can read more about Lord Ganesha, the elephant and the bee in Gujarati on the official website of Lord Ganesha temple. The somnath temple in Mumbai has a temple dedicated to Ganapati.

Some other temples located near the somnath temple in Gujarat are Parasvanath temple and Sarnath temple. These temples are dedicated to other Hindu deities. One of these is Lord Shiva, who is popularly known as the King of stones in India. There are many other Hindu deities present in somnath, but they are mostly associated with different aspects of worship.

When it comes to somnath location in Gujarat, you don’t have to search for a private somnath temple. There are many places in Gujarat which have somnath temple. The best option for somnath is to opt for a budgeted tour package from a travel agent. A good travel agent will help you locate a good somnath temple location in Gujarat. Some of them also offer services related to budgeting, accommodation, car rental etc. They will also help you book your tickets and plan your trip.

How to Reach Somnath Temple in Gujarat

The Holy Temple of Somnath is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated in the high temple village of Prabhas Vidyas near Kedarnath in Gujarat. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is the founder of Hinduism and also known as a Prince Who made heaven and earth. It is also said that Lord Shiva performed many miracle there on the Earth and thus, mankind was able to live by practicing this religion. The temple is visited by many people during their visit to the region.

The holy somnath temple is visited by many devotees from all over India and they all want to know how to reach somnath temple in gujarat. There are many ways of reaching the temple, but the best is to take a train from Gujarat to Manali. On reaching the destination the train will drop you at Manali. From here you can proceed for how to reach somnath temple in gujarat. The journey takes about three weeks and you need not book any accommodation along the way.

The first option is to use the railway station at Manali. This is the main point of communication with the rest of India and the neighboring states. But since the distance from here is short, the next easiest method is to take the domestic air travel. You can find the nearest airport in Manali. There are three airlines operating from Manali to other major cities in India like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and others. These airlines include Air Deccan, Indigo, GoAir and Kingfisher.

Another popular and convenient option is the hot shot bus service from Manali to the nearby towns. These buses go right up to the temple. Since the temperature at Manali is extreme during the monsoon months, these buses do not offer comfortable journey. So these should be your last option if you do not want to go through the hassle of how to reach somnath temple in gujarat. In addition to these three options, you also have the option to use the taxis and local buses. These are the costliest methods of how to reach somnath temple in gujarat.

 Somnath Temple image HD

Somnath Temple image HD

If you decide to go by rail, then there are two ways to reach the temple. The railway stations of Gurgaon and Faridpur, as well as the Indore railway junction have trains going to Manali everyday. However, these are quite expensive and they are not well connected with the rest of the city. So these are the first choice of most tourists when it comes to how to reach somnath temple in gujarat.

The second option that you have for how to reach somnath temple in gujarat is by road. There are many options here as well, depending on how far away you want to go from the city. One option is to drive your car to Manali and take a train from Manali to Gujarat. However, this is the most boring way of how to reach somnath temple in gujarat.

The third and final option is the fastest and simplest way to how to reach somnath temple in gujarat is by air. Air travel is easiest and the easiest way of how to reach somnath temple in gujarat, as there are several airlines that run routes between the eastern and the western part of India. However, most of these flights only operate during the peak season. So plan your trip intelligently and make sure to avail air tickets on or before the peak season, as these are some of the best and cheapest deals. Also remember to book your tickets in advance, as it is highly unlikely that you will get them discounted during the off season.

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The three ways mentioned above are the best ways of how to reach somnath temple in gujarat. If you prefer, there are a lot more ways to get here by train, taking a train from the railway station to Manali and then taking a ride to the foothills of the majestic Himalayas. Or, if you prefer, you could also get here by rail and take a hot air balloon ride to the top of the mighty Himalayas. However, in case of how to reach somnath temple in gujarat, it is better to take a bus or a train, as they are the most convenient ways of how to reach the temple.

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