Best No1 Sabarmati Ashram History in Gujarat

Best No1 Sabarmati Ashram History in Gujarat

 Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat – A Trip to India’s Own Land

It is just across the border of Gujarat in India is the famous sabarmati ashram. The name is derived from the Hindu term sabarmati which means a temple of wisdom. The word was actually taken from the Sanskrit language and since then it has been used to refer to the place where temples of all hues and tastes are held. The place is called as sabarmati ashram in Gujarat and the grand sabarmati ashram known as dandi ashram located in dandi mandir in Gujarat.

 Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat

Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat

The sabarmati ashram in Gujarat is known for its amazing collection of pictures, drawings and paintings all depicting the glorious history of this place. Every room and every corner of the dandi ashram is decorated in such a way that it evokes an atmosphere that one would want to visit those places. Even the hotel rooms and guest houses are beautifully decorated and furnished to impress visitors. There are so many suggestions for a recommended read that I will highlight them all here.

For a first timer who wishes to have a glimpse of the magical place of sabarmati ashram in Gujarat, a photo gallery titled as “GHD India: sabarmati ashram in gujarat” is the perfect place to start. It is located at dandi march, panchgani and Bhuj town in the city of Ahmedabad. This photo gallery provides first hand information of the setting of sabarmati ashram in gujarat along with some other places of attraction nearby. In this photo gallery, the guests would also get an opportunity to see the collection of Indian art in this ashram and be inspired by it.

The third photo gallery entitled as “GHD India: sabarmati ashram in gujarat” is a more detailed and descriptive version of the previous two galleries. The third gallery provides informative content about the various hotels and guest houses of this ashram. The information provided includes the time taken to make the guesthouse, the paintings and wall hangings as well as the decoration of the walls. The minute details would help the guests to understand the time taken for the entire process. It is obvious from these galleries that the staff and the inmates of the sabarmati ashram in Gujarat work hard for the welfare of the guests.

The fourth suggested read is ” sabarmati ashram in Gujarat – tourists must visit the dargah for the blessed memories”. This particular article provides the list of the important places near this place. The four places mentioned in the text are Jodhpur, Bhuj, Sawai Manali, and Chittorgarh. All these places are located on the outskirts of the city of Gujarat. The main attraction of the ashram in Gujarat is certainly the dargah at Bhuj which is visited by a number of tourists all the year round.

The fifth and last suggested read is ” sabarmati ashram in Gujarat – visit to a museum of freedom struggle”. The museum is an important addition to the Sabarmati ashram in Gujarat. It is well worth visiting this museum given the subject related to the freedom struggle. The other museums included in this gallery are the Indian Museum and Library; Sabarimala Museum; Jodhpur Museum and Heritage Site; Ahmedabad Museum and Freedom Struggle Museum.

There is no doubt that the Sabarmati ashram in Gujarat is one of the finest places to spend your vacations. This is because of its picturesque beauty. Its architecture speaks of the old age architecture of India. The various temples in the area speak of the rich culture and heritage of the state. Tourists from all over the world come here to see this Sabarmati ashram for their tour to Indian country.

In the year 1930, Ravi Bhimsen Joshi was born in Bhuj town in the state of Gujarat. His father was a prominent Gujarati poet. Later on he went to study in the renowned ayurvedic doctorate center of Mumbai. After completing his medical degree, he joined the famous Indian Medical College in Chicago. At that time, he also became the first head teacher at the Sabarmati ashram in Gujarat.

Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat || sabarmati ashram architecture

The name of Sabarmati Ashram is in fact a combination of two Sanskrit words, which are: Sabarmati and Maagam. It is situated at the head of the Vembanad Lake in Gujarat and is renowned for its ancient temples. It was originally built by the Hindu saints and was later on converted into a spiritual retreat for people with different beliefs. As of now, this temple is still being worshiped as it is considered as a sacred place. The main deity that is worshipped at the Sabarmati ashram is Swaraj.

 Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram

The entire Sabarmati ashram has a single cremation hall and a temple located on its top level. There are also several other buildings and other monuments located inside and outside the ashram. The Sabarmati Temple complex is about one hundred and fifty years old and was built by the Hindu saint Narayan Shastri. This complex has been worshiped since by the devotees of the religion.

The main deity inside the Sabarmati temple is the omnipresent goddess Swaraj. The entire complex has a central court which is located adjacent to the main temple of worship. There are also a few smaller shrines that are located here. These shrines are dedicated to different deities that are worshiped by the Hindu community. There are also some smaller prayer rooms and meeting rooms located within the sabarmati ashram.

The Sabarmati Temple complex also houses a printing press where press paper and photos of the Guru’s life are printed. They also have a small museum that showcases different artifacts and various items related to the art of photography. Another important artifact in the museum is a collection of over eleven thousand photographs and artworks made by the artist Narayan Shastri. Some of these photographs have been displayed in various art galleries all around the world.

The main gate of the Sabarmati Ashram is located at a distance of 14 kilometers from the nearest town. The gate is guarded by a troop of armed guards called Asansolim. It is believed that this was done so as to dissuade unauthorized entry. However, it is not uncommon for foreigners to be allowed to enter the ashram.

From the Sabarmati ashram you can travel to the neighboring towns of Bherdi, Chittourgarh, Chardhamala, Bharatpur, and finally reach your hotel by road. The hotels in Gujarat are all well known for their quality service and accommodation facilities. The hotels located inside the ashram are well furnished and equipped with modern amenities. Some of the well known hotels in Gujarat include Hotel Mandore, Ashok Hotel, Banarasi Palace, Kala Ashoka, Hotel Pushpapura, etc.

When you reach the hotel reception you will find the restaurant serving delicious food. The restaurant is called the Royal Orchid and is situated on the first floor of the ashram. Inside you will also find the hotel’s salon and doctors’ clinic. All rooms in the hotel have free access to the swimming pool. The Royal Orchid has its own parking lot.

There are several different room types at the Royal Orchid. Some of these include single rooms, double rooms, and groupings of ten or more rooms. The hotel also has an on-site restaurant where you will be able to enjoy excellent Indian and continental cuisine. There is also an information desk which provides information on local attractions and restaurants in the vicinity of the hotel.

The Royal Orchid is open for breakfast and dinner on some days. However, due to high season you will not be allowed to get into the resort till late in the evening. The hotel reception will also be very busy during these periods.

Dining at the Sabarmati Ashram is a real pleasure. The dining room offers two sets of plush seats along with an ornate mahogany table. The dining room is set with marbled walls and ceiling fans. It has a private swimming pool and the staff is very hospitable and helpful.

The rooms are all fully air conditioned and have LCD televisions with DVDs. DVD players and VCRs are also available in the rooms. The environment at the ashram is very relaxing. The luxurious decor and the sound system create a wonderful atmosphere. The staff is very kind and helpful and helps tourist to feel at home while staying at the hotel.

Sabarmati Ashram Timings In Gujarat

Sabarmati Ashram was built by Subhas Chandra Bose. The construction of this ashram was started in 1939. It is near the railway station of Surat. Mahatma Gandhi lived at Sabarmati ashram when he was not traveling around India or in jail. After his assassination he shifted to Kashi Vishwanath temple at Ujjain along with his family.

sabarmati ashram timings in Gujarat is a place full of mystery and mysticism. People have always called it a holy place because of its mystic origin and captivating charisma. There is no doubt that once you are here you will forget everything else. You will be engrossed in pure serenity and will feel the power and the blessings of God.

 Sabarmati Ashram image

Sabarmati Ashram image

Tourists come here to enjoy the amazing serenity and peace so that they can relive their life. Sabarmati ashram is like a house with a garden in it. The beautiful flower gardens and the serene atmosphere make the place extremely peaceful. People who visit here for the first time get to see the life style of this saint and also get to experience the divine healing.

If you have visited this place before then you must know that the timings of these residences change every year. This has to do with the changing weather conditions in the region. In summers the timings are completely different and here people can enjoy a time to themselves without any disturbances. During winters it becomes very cold and people can hardly afford to spend their time in these residences. In order to maintain the temperature at these destinations the authorities of these places arrange for alternate timings.

When you decide to visit Sabarmati Ashram, first of all you should plan your itinerary on the basis of the season. In the summers there are many tourists who visit this place just for a holiday purpose. They enjoy swimming, jogging, visiting water spots and other outdoor activities. However during winters and in the rainy season this place witnesses a mass influx of tourists.

There are also many sightseeing options available in Sabarmati Ashram. You can start with sightseeing on the day itself. There are beautiful landscapes around the place that you will not able to see in cities nearby. It will give you a real feeling of nature. After a full day’s sightseeing you can head to your room and then decide about what you would like to do next.

The time at this Ashram is very unique and different from any tourist place in India. The entire place is shuttled between afternoon and night so that the atmosphere remains tranquil all day long. The dining area is also located in an open space so that it becomes easier to dine with friends and family. All these Timings in Sabarmati Ashram can be made much more memorable if you take along an experienced tour operator who will help you to pick the right time for visiting the place.

The most popular timings in Sabarmati Ashram are from Tuesday to Wednesday. On both these days there are rarely any sightseers as people are diverted to attend to their official duties. This time is the best to catch a glimpse of birds, tigers, elephants and a host of other attractions. It is also believed that the presence of Sabarmati trees on this day is a good omen. Hence, this is the best time to visit Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat.

On weekends, the timings in Sabarmati Ashram get even more intense. The whole day is considered absolutely auspicious since one is supposed to hear the ringing of the temple bell on this date. This is also the day when people from all over the country travel in from different cities of India to come and pay their respects to the God of temples. There are also a host of activities that can be organized in order to make the day more memorable. People here love to spend some quality time with friends and family so it is best to organize activities that can be enjoyed by all.

On occasions like Ganesh Chathurthi, Navaratra, Diwali, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the time at the Sabarmati Ashram changes abruptly. It is considered extremely auspicious from this date for all those who are devotees of Lord Shiva. Navaratra is also a highly regarded occasion and is celebrated with all the zeal that is found only on that specific day.

In fact, on most occasions, the Sabarmati Ashram staff make special researches regarding where and on what specific date Lord Krishna was born. If you are the lucky one to be associated with the renowned Ashram, then you will surely enjoy all the festivities organized by the staff here. They organize a massive festival each year on the lord Krishna’s birthday. During this festival, there will be a lot of activities and feasts that will attract not only guests from the neighboring states but also from far off states. Some of the events that are organized include boat race, foot race, polo tournament, and a lot more so if you are an ashram tourist visiting from out state, then do not miss the opportunity to participate in these events.

How to Reach Sabarmati Ashram at the Right Time

How to reach sabarmati ashram timings. Mahatma Gandhi lived at Sabarmati ashram from 1930 to 1940. He got this information from a contact at the ashram. How to reach sabarmati ashram timings is not very difficult if you know where to begin. Once you have decided how to reach this particular ashram, it will be easy for you to proceed to get your luggage ready.

How to reach sabarmati ashram timings is by air. The airport nearest to this ashram is the Indira Gandhi International Airport. You can reach this airport via railway as rail network is just a taxi ride away. How to reach sabarmati ashram timings is not that difficult if you book your hotel room near the airport and the railway station. Once you have all these arrangements, you need not bother about how to reach sabarmati ashram. The reason for this is that these ashrams are not very far away form either of your hotel or railway station.

How to reach this sacred ashram is not that difficult once you have made all these arrangements. The best part about this entire exercise is that it does not cost much. However, the most important part is you must plan your schedule in such a manner so that you can reach to the ashram at the very best time. It may sound simple but you need to follow the correct procedure so that you get the best result. It is advisable to follow some tips while traveling.

How to reach sabarmati ashram timings by air – This is the cheapest and the fastest way of traveling. If you travel in a late night, you will reach the ashram before daybreak. How to reach sabarmati ashram timings by road – The safest and the easiest way of reaching this sacred place is to rent an auto or a car. You can reach the ashram both on road and on rail. However, you will have to follow specific routes. These routes are well marked so that you can get to the exact spot.

How to reach sabarmati ashram timings by train – If you are willing to travel by train to reach this destination then it is good to travel early morning. The first two or three hours are the most convenient to reach the ashram. Once you reach the shikara then you have to walk towards a smaller station called the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary. From here you can proceed to reach the shikara.

How to reach sabarmati ashram timings by bus – If you are taking an early morning train from Agra then you should reach the destination by 8.30 am. Once you reach the shikara then you have to walk towards the small railway station called Daryaganj railway. This station is not very difficult to locate as it is just a walk away from the railway station that connects the cities of Jaipur and Jodhpur. There will be a pick up point for you to reach the shikara. You can also use this alternative if the train timings do not allow you to travel by road.



How to reach sabarmati ashram timings by car – If you have rented a car then it is a good idea to take some food and refreshments with you in the vehicle. Before you reach the shikara it is important to ask the driver regarding the timings as different vehicles may need different times to reach the ashram. The best time to reach there will be on Saturday evening. On Friday evenings and on Sunday mornings the roads are not very busy so that you can travel at your own comfort zone.

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How to reach sabarmati ashram timings by train – When you reach the ashram you should check out all the guest houses and hotels along the railway line that leads to the ashram. These hotels and guest houses will provide you accommodation and meals during your stay in the ashram. It is important to book tickets beforehand as traveling this long way in a train is difficult and you will want to get yourself booked for the flight as well as the hotel room.

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