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Mahadev Lord Shiva How Lord Shiva became the first

Lord Shiva ,Shambhave Guruve Namah

Har Har Mahadev (Shiva)

Adoration to Lord Shiva


Lord Shiva It is easy to say, but difficult to explain. Devadhidev, who is adorned on Jagatguru’s Aadi, today himself works as a resultant guru. It is like this that Lord Shiva is worshiped in every house (om namah shivaya). But the general public did not try to contemplate his Guru form. You too can get the key to spirituality by becoming a disciple of Mahaguru Shiva.

siv charcha
siv charcha

Three sutras to take Shiva’s discipleship :-

First- O Shiva, you are my guru, I am your disciple/disciple, have mercy on me. Speak it at least 5 times in your mind while sleeping and waking up at night.

Second- Hear the discussion of the Guru form of Shiva and discuss about Shiva Guru in your spare and idle time.

Third- shiv mantra namah shivaya chanting 108 (one hundred and eight) times is necessary as per convenience.

Mahadev Lord Shiva
Mahadev Lord Shiva

12 grain Rudraksh bracelet outside the wrist :-

It is not necessary but helpful in the Shiva part of new Shiva disciples as well as beneficial from the health point of view.

Psalm- No condition The medical point of view should be taken into account.

lord shiva
lord shiva

To make a person Shiva disciple:-

The name of the person who wishes to accept Shiva as his guru has to be declared with these words by joining one or two Shiva disciples.

Son Shri….. has considered Shiva as his Guru. May this auspicious information be recorded in the space kingdom of Shiva.

Adoration to Lord Shiva

Shiva Guru’s Creation (Shiv ji)

At a time when there was only darkness everywhere, neither the sun was visible nor the moon, the planets and constellations were nowhere to be seen, there was neither day nor night. There was no existence of earth, water and air – at that time there was a quantity of Sat Brahma i.e. Sadashiv’s existence, Om jai shiv omkara which goes somewhere eternal and chinmay. The same Lord Sadashiv is called Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads and Saints-Mahatmas etc. Ishwar and Sarvlokamaheshwar.

Once Lord Shiva had a desire for the creation of Rajni. He thought that I should become one to him. These thoughts come, first of all, Lord Shiva revealed his super power to Ambika and he said that another person should be created for the creation, on whose shoulders we can move happily by keeping the great burden of running the creation.

With such determination, Lord Shiva (shankar bhagwan) with power poured nectar on the tenth part of his left egg. From there immediately a divine man appeared. Her beauty was incomparable. Satgun was predominant in him. He was the ultimate peace, as deep as the bottomless ocean. The nature of her hindrance was getting doubled from Reshmi Pitambar. Conch, chakra, mace and padma were adorned in his four hands.

lord shiva
lord shiva

That divine person bowing down to Lord Shiva said that ‘Lord (shivalinga). Please specify my name and work.’ Hearing this, Lord Shankar smiled and said – ‘Vats! Because of your extensiveness, your name wiil be Vishnu. Your task will be to follow the universe.’ After receiving the orders of Lord Shiva, Shri Vishnu started doing severe penance. jai shiv omkara Due to the labor of that penance, streams of water started coming out of his limbs, which filled the sky. Eventually they tired and slept in its water. Because of sleeping in water i.e. ‘Nara’, one of the names of Shri Vishnu became ‘Narayan’.


Then the perfect lotus appeared from the navel of the sleeping Narayan. At the same time Lord Shiva manifested the four-faced Brahma with his right limb and put it on the lotus. Being fascinated by the illusion of Maheshwar, Brahmaji kept on traveling in the name of that lotus for a long time, but he could not find his originator. On receiving the order of penance by Akashvani, Brahma did severe penance for years to see his birth creator. Thereafter Lord Vishnu appeared before him.

At that time due to Lord Shiva Leela, a dispute broke out between Shri Vishnu and Brahmaji there. Suddenly a divine fire pillar appeared between them. Even after many efforts, Brahma and Vishnu could not trace the beginning and end of that fire pillar. Finally, exhausted, Lord Vishnu prayed ‘Mahaprabho’! We do not know your nature. Whoever you are, give us darshan.’

Hearing the praise of Lord Vishnu, Maheshwar Shiva suddenly appeared and said – ‘Surshrestha, I am well satisfied with the tenacity and devotion of both of you. Brahman! You create the world by my orders and Vatsa Vishnu! You follow this discussion world. Thereupon Lord Shiva revealed the Rudra of his heart part and entrusted him with the responsibility of destruction, he disappeared.

shiv parvati

A Brahmin named Yagyadatta lived in Kapilpuri. A son was born to her, whom she named Gunanidhi. The boy was very intelligent and clever. At the very young age of 8, he had learned many disciplines. But he deviated from his dharma and karma on the wrong path. He became a gambler, engaged in sports and became a companion of choirs. Very soon he robbed his father’s earnings. His mother used to stop him, but then mother did not want him bad.

Whenever Yagyadutt comes home and asks his wife about Gunanidhi, where is Gunanidhi at this time? So she always used to lie and she would say that she has gone out of the house or she must have been taking a bath somewhere, Yaad Dev must be sitting in the temple and worshiping God om namah shivaya mantra and not knowing the real difference, she read the Grihasutra. Accordingly, Gunanidhi got married too.

After getting married, Yagyadutt’s wife would always explain to the son that your father is a great Mahatma, when he comes to know about you, then he will punish both you and me. Your tomorrow is very pure, then why do you do these evil deeds. My children ! Your welfare is only in giving up these bad deeds, but the mother’s explanation does not have any effect on the quality.

One day he stole his father’s ring and gave it to a gambler. When Yagyadatta asked the gambler how did this ring come to his hand? So the gambler told Yagyadatta that he had not stolen his ring.

Yagyadutt listened to the gambler and said – Listen Lalla! This ring is mine and I got it from the king’s place. Don’t tell it your own by lying. But how has this ring of things come to you?

The gambler got angry after hearing about Yagyadutt. He roared and said – ‘Those who want to hear the truth, listen carefully – your son Gunanidhi has lost this ring to me in gambling. The more gentlemanly sage you are, your son is as big a scoundrel. Despite being such a great scholar, you could not know the deeds of your son till date.

Hearing the words of the gambler, Yagyadutt was in a bad state of shame. He came to his house with his face bowed and his head bowed to the left of shame and many companions asked his wife where was Gunanidhi? And where is the ring that you took that day from my hand while getting bored, I can’t remember where it was kept?

Hearing the woman’s words, Yagyadatta said – ‘You are a liar. Whenever I have asked you about the merits, you have tried to avoid me by talking about it. Good ! You let go of the ring and tell me where are the other valuables in the house. I do not know because of my sins such a son has been born to me. Then when he saw the other valuables of the house, he came to know that all the valuables were missing. Then Yagyadatta took water in his hand and gave up on his wife and son and a Brahmin’s daughter also took her second glory.

When Gunanidhi came to know that all the secrets had been exposed on his father and had abandoned him and his mother, he felt very sad and started regretting his actions. He sat hungry and thirsty near a Shiva temple shiv shakti. This day was the fast of Shivratri. People worshiped Shiva, then various types of dishes and food items climbed up.

When people slept in the temple after worshiping God etc., Gunanidhi entered the temple and ran outside after picking up food and drink. But while walking, his feet collided with a sleeping Shiva devotee. What was then, when those devotees heard the word ‘chor-chor’, all the people woke up and chased Gunanidhi running. Many citizens also joined with those devotees. In the end, they caught Gunanidhi running and together they beat him in such a way that he died.

As soon as he died, the eunuch came and surrounded him and started beating him mercilessly. On the other hand, Lord Sadashiv said to his ganas – Gunanidhi is a great sinner, mischievous and miscreant. Still, he kept a fast on Shivratri and did Jagran. Shiva parvati has seen our worship. Have seen us. shiv mahapuran It has prevented the shadow falling on the body of the linga from the lamp. In the night, you have done your clothes for religious work.

So he will come to our people. After that he will be the king of Kalinga country. You go there and free Gunanidhi from the bondage of the eunuch because we have adopted him. So after getting the permission of Bhavan Shri Sadashiv, sitting on the plane, Shooldhari, his councilors also reached the spot and said, “Song of Yamraj! You now leave this supremely pious brahmin because now there is no sin left in it.”


The eunuchs said to Lord Sri Sadashiv’s councilors – “You are a fool. This Brahmin is not a sinner. Its biggest religion is that it lighted the Shivling by burning old cloth and awakened the traveler. Sitting at the door of the pagoda with a steady mind, it did Saw the worship of Lord Shree Sadashiv and heard Hari Kirtan. Therefore this king will be made as per the wishes of Lord Shree Sadashiv. And after doing this, the councilors of Lord Shree Sadashiv took Gun Nidhi with them.

After getting freed from the eunuchs, Gunanidhi went to Shivlok on a plane with the councilor of Lord Shri Sadashiv.

The eunuchs went and told the whole story to Yamraj. Hearing this, Yamraj said – “The person who is engrossed in ashes, is wearing a rosary of Rudraksh. Worships Shivling, sings the qualities of Shri Sadashiv, do not go near him at all by deceit. Yamraj worshiped Lord Sadashiv. Thanking you and asked you to forgive this unknown friend.

Shakti of Shiva Bhakti (shiva temple near me)

There was a very pious and virtuous Vaishya named Supriya. He was an exclusive devotee of Lord Shiva. He was constantly engrossed in her worship, worship and meditation. He used to do all his work by offering it to Lord Shiva. He used to be completely engrossed in Shivarchan by mind, word and deed. A demon named Daruk used to be very angry because of his devotion to Shiva.

He did not like the worship of Lord Shiva in any way. He used to constantly try that there should be obstacles in the worship of that Supriya. Once Supriya was going somewhere on a boat. Seeing this opportunity moment, the evil demon Daruk attacked that boat. He imprisoned all the passengers in the boat and went to his capital, Supriya started worshiping Lord Shiva according to his routine in the prison.

He also started giving inspiration to other captive travelers as a devotee of Shiva. When Daruk heard this news about Supriya from his servants, he got very angry and came to that prison. At that time Supriya was sitting at the feet of Lord Shiva with both eyes closed. Seeing this posture of his, the demon scolded him in a very fierce voice and said – Oh evil Vaishya! What nuisance and conspiracy are you thinking of closing your eyes at this time? Even after saying this, the samadhi of the godly Shiva devotee Supriya Vaishya was not cannabis.

Now the great terrifying demon named Daruk got mad with anger. He immediately ordered his followers, the demons, to kill Supriya Vaishya and all the other bindis. Supriya was not at all disturbed and frightened by his order. He started calling out to Lord Shiva for the liberation of himself and other prisoners with a single, concentrated mind.

He had full faith that my beloved Lord Shiva would definitely deliver me from this calamity. Hearing his prayer, Lord Shankarji immediately appeared in the form of a Jyotirlinga sitting on a shining throne in a high place in that prison. He thus appeared to Supriya and presented her with his Pashupati weapon. After killing the demon Daruk and his assistants with that weapon, Supriya went to Shivdham. According to the orders of Lord Shiva, Jyotirlinga was named Nageshwar.

Namah Shivaya

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