Lord Bholenath

Lord Bholenath : Mahadev, the god of gods,

Lord Bholenath: Worship Mahadev in this manner, and understand the prohibition of offering Tulsi to Shiva.

Lord Bholenath: Mahadev, the god of gods, is honoured on Monday. People pray to Lord Bholenath and adore him to have their wishes fulfilled. All worshipers of Shiva offer puja materials on the Shivling, but they are unaware that some of these materials may unintentionally produce unlucky outcomes rather than fortunate ones, which could enrage Lord Shiva. Some items should never, not even accidentally, be provided on a shivling.

Lord Bholenath
Lord Bholenath

Tulsi leaves are supposedly forbidden from being used in Lord Shiva worship. There are two causes for this. The first is that Lord Shiva killed Tulsi’s spouse Asura Jalandhar (Lord Bholenath). He stripped Lord Shiva of his divine and supernatural attributes as a result. Second, Tulsi has been acknowledged as Lord Vishnu’s wife. Tulsi shouldn’t be provided on Shivlings for the same reason. Although turmeric is utilised in the worship of many gods and goddesses, it is forbidden to offer turmeric to the Shivling. Because Shivling is seen as a representation of the male element and Turmeric has a connection to stroyochit, or woman,

On a Shivling, no sesame should be served.

Never offer milk and water mixed with black sesame to the Shivling. It shouldn’t be offered to Lord Shiva because it is thought to have come from the filth of Lord Vishnu. Always give whole rice, or akshat, to Lord Shiva. Even accidentally broken rice should not be offered to Shiva since it is unfinished and impure. While coconut can be donated during worship of Lord Shiva, coconut water shouldn’t be. Also take note that you shouldn’t accept coconuts offered to Shiva as prasad.

Shivlings shouldn’t be blessed with ketki flowers.

Never offer ketaki flowers on the Shivling. It is reported that when Ketni believed Brahma ji’s falsehood, Lord Bholenath became enraged and cursed him so that Ketni flowers would not be presented in his devotion. Avoid using vermilion or kumkum when worshipping Lord Shiva. This is against Shiva Purana law. Mahadev is referred to as the destroyer in the Shiva Purana. The explanation behind this is that Lord Shiva is a recluse, and recluses do not apply kumkum to their foreheads.

On Shivling, shankh water shouldn’t be supplied.

Never give Mahadev water from a conch. Because Lord Shiva destroyed the demon Shankhachud, who was a follower of Lord Vishnu, and the conch shell is seen as a symbol of the same demon. As a result, Lord Shiva is not worshipped with a conch shell, but rather Lord Vishnu.

worship to Lord Shiva

Unmarried girls should maintain this fast on Monday in order to find their ideal life partner. On this day, it is extremely beneficial to wear white clothing and donate items of this colour. The scriptures state that Lord Shiva is revered on Monday and that fasting on this day pleases both Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. Even though Monday fasting is quite straightforward, there are still guidelines to follow. You must abide by those guidelines. It is stated that mistakes are frequently made during Monday’s fasting and devotion, and as a result, the fast’s benefits are sometimes missed.

rules for Monday fasting

Monday is a particular day for Lord Shiva worship and fasting. Get up early on this day, take a bath, and dress in clean clothes. If at all feasible, visit the temple to observe the fast by offering Shivling Jalabhishek. Worship Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati (Lord Bholenath) after that, and be sure to hear the fast’s history. Hindu scriptures state that Monday should only be used for a single three-hour fast. Fruits are acceptable during a fast

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