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Kankaria Lake, Ahmedabad

Kankaria Lake is yet another beautiful lake in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India where tourists can enjoy a wide variety of water activities. The lake is situated somewhere around fifteen kilometers from Ahmedabad and offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy lazy summers and explore the wonder of nature in all its majestic aspects. This beautiful lake lies in between the cities of Maninagar and Nagar, and was made when an old channel was dredged which connected the two lakes. Though the lake is considered a body of water, it has its own distinct identity, owing to the fact that it does not drain into any sea or river. Rather, this lake is fed by the Kankaria River and receives its water through small streams.

As mentioned above, Kankaria Lake is another excellent tourist attraction of Ahmedabad and is located about fifteen kilometers from the main city of Ahmedabad. It is located at the southern part of town, within the vicinity of Maninagar. This beautiful lake is a famous picnic spot for locals as well as foreigners, and is well known for the wonderful water activities that are organized here during summer. Balloon rides and other water sporting activities are the major attractions of this tourist attraction and are organized on a regular basis. Balloon ride is one of the most famous and popular water sport events that is organized here frequently and provides the visitors with an opportunity to enjoy viewing various exotic animals and scenery as well as romantic scenes.

Another very popular water sport event organized here is karate krathong. This activity can be best enjoyed during summers and it takes place at the Lake’s karst area. In karate krathong, tourists can participate in hand to hand karate fights or karate tournaments. Tourists can also engage in different karate poses as well as take part in various other activities while taking part in karate krathong. Another interesting activity organized here is to walk through the sacred temple of Lingkari. It takes about three hours to walk through the temple and admire the beauty of its walls and staircase made of brass and terracotta.

One of the most important attractions of Ahmedabad is the Kankaria Lake. The lake was considered sacred by the people of India when it was found that a Hindu priest had built a karate academy on the lake’s bank. Later on, karate classes were started here and it was considered a great martial art school. Today, many tourists from all over the country come to participate in karate classes at this karate academy and enjoy learning various karate techniques. The karate classes conducted here are conducted both in English and Hindi and tourists can seek permission to participate in any of these classes if they wish.

Ahmedabad is home to numerous other interesting attractions as well. Among many such places, there is a statue of Buddha located near the lake and it has helped the local people in religious harmony. In fact, even today the Ahmadabad Municipal Corporation facilitates public participation in krathong and karate programs conducted at the Lake. Besides, there is a lake near here called the Shanku Waterfalls where a series of different waterfalls are lined up. These waterfalls have been a source of much worship by the people of Gujarat.

Tourists from across the country and the world visit the karate academy in Kankaria and participate in krathong and various other karate classes. It is a great place for adventure sports and a wonderful way to relax. There is no need for you to worry about the safety of your children while you are visiting this place, because the school is well equipped with all necessary facilities.

Timings of the Kankaria Lake Entrance

Kankaria Lake is a prominent lake located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India; it is also known as Lake Mughal. It is situated in the southern part of the city, at the Maninagar locality. It was constructed during the rule of Shah jahan II during the time of his reign, though its origins are traced in the Chaulukya era too. The lake has a renowned name as it is a natural reservoir that forms the biggest lake within Ahmedabad and its suburbs. The lake is fed by rivers originating from the Himalayan range.

kankaria lake ahmedabad images

kankaria lake ahmedabad images

Amongst all the attractions of Kankaria Lake, perhaps the most famous one is its Nagina Wadi, which is a large body of water that serves as the lake’s boundary. This body of water is completely flat and is fed by rivers that join the three rivers that form the lakes. It is completely different from the other lakes of Ahmedabad that have a slight rise above the flat surface of the lake. Apart from the Nagina Wadi, there is another lake known as the Helike, which is very similar to the Nagina Wadi. It is also fed by the rivers that join the three lakes forming the lake.

As already mentioned that this lake is fed by the Nagina Wadi and the Helike. It is very popular among the tourists due to its picturesque view full of resorts and restaurants and several other sightseeing spots. This picturesque lake is the reason why this lake is also known as the City of Lakes in Ahmedabad. In order to capture the beauty of this lake and make it more memorable, many photographs are taken here. There are various places that are very close to the lakes but cannot be captured in photographs such as the City Palace, Shahpura, Pichola, etc.

As already mentioned that this lake is very popular among the locals and foreigners alike. During the summers, this lake is filled with tourists and people from the neighboring towns. There are several events that take place on the lakes including sightseeing at different times of the day. You can view full of action from early morning until evening during summer.

Amongst the most popular sightseeing activities that take place on the lake are rafting, skiing and kite boarding. The best time to go for kite boarding is during the winters as it is a dry season. rafting on the kankaria lake is a very popular tourist attraction, especially in summers. However, it is important to note that these activities should only be undertaken with the help of reliable operators. You can either rent a kite or board one yourself.

Balloon ride is one of the most thrilling experiences that you can enjoy while on the kankaria lake. During the summer, there are special balloon rides that are held on the lake at various locations. However, before you arrange for a balloon ride on the kankaria lake, make sure that you have all the necessary documents and papers with you. These balloon ride timings are usually advertised on various websites and in newspapers.

One of the most popular kankaria lake entries fee timings is at 9 am every day to reach the holy Ganges. The most prominent religious event of the community is the Ganesh Chathurthi on this day. This event is conducted with all the family members and relatives in a great grand gathering. From this day, anyone can catch a glimpse of the beautiful colors and splendor of this holy event flowing down from the sky. For this reason, it is considered as a very auspicious time to visit this holy place and participate in all the activities associated with the festival.

One of the most visited kankaria lake entries is the Golkonda Wildlife Sanctuary. Here you will find different types of birds and animals like snakes, deer, monkeys, etc. These are found in their natural habitat and they are totally friendly and harmless. Apart from this, there are many places to explore in kankaria like the Kalachi Cultural Park, Shankaracharya Temple, Bharat Mata Temple, etc. So all in all, kankaria is definitely a great place to visit for a memorable vacation.

Know More About Kankaria Lake Zoo in Gujrat

The kankaria lake zoo in Gujrat Gujarat is an amazing attraction which attracts families and nature lovers from all over the world. This zoo is located on the foothills of the beautiful Lake Kankaria and is surrounded by splendid greenery and forestation. This zoo has a number of endemic species of animals, birds and reptiles among others. It also features a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater fishes along with a wide variety of marine animals.

Zoo officials say that this is not a typical zoo. “This is not like other zoos where animals are kept in cages or fenced in zoos. This zoo is very unique in its way as it is a combination of a bird sanctuary and a natural lake with various kinds of aquatic and terrestrial animals such as fish, frogs, turtles, crocs, fish eggs, etc”. An added advantage is that the lake offers good habitat for birds and various other wildlife.

The reason for building kankaria lake zoo in Gujrat was to provide an excellent location where tourists can visit and get a close look at birds and other wildlife. It is considered as one of the top five destinations in India for bird watching. Besides birds, this lake is popular for various other types of aquatic creatures including several species of fishes. Tourists get the opportunity to feed these exotic pets and learn about them.

To visit kankaria lake zoo in Gujrat, visitors must reach the venue by taking a Gujrat railway train. Traveling by road takes almost two hours. Buses in Gujrat ply to and from the airport. Buses in Gujrat ply to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as well. These buses offer comfortable rides to tourist as they do not charge much.

The primary attraction of kankaria lake zoo in Gujrat is its big bird house where several species of birds are housed. The other attractions include Indian Pitta, Indian Hornbill, Cuckoo, Black Eyed Pecker, Woodpecker, etc. Other than birds, this zoo also houses a number of mammals including deer, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, etc. Visitors can also indulge in various activities like fishing, swimming, canoeing, kite surfing, water skiing, camping, and photography.

While traveling in Gujrat on a kankaria lake tour, one cannot miss visiting another major attraction called the Parambikulam waterfalls. This waterfall is located near the kankaria lake and offers splendid view of the lovely lake and surrounding forest. It is 18 meters high and was made by the local laborers while building the waterfalls. This waterfall is an ideal place to enjoy a quiet moment with your family and friends.

Another fascinating attraction to visit in kankaria lake zoo in Gujrat is the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is a genuine one hundred and fifty year old breeding ground for various species of wild animals. The exotic specie of kankaria lake zoo in Gujrat comprises of Elephants, Foxes, Jungle cats, Horses, Deer, Wild Boars, etc. If you wish to view different species of these animals and feel their tender emotions, then visit this sanctuary.

All these and more are waiting at kankaria lake zoo in Gujrat. This lake is one of the finest in the world and is the favorite destination of travelers. Tourists from all over India throng to kankaria lake to enjoy nature’s bounty and take back home amazing photographs. Come to kankaria lake zoo in Gujrat and explore the magical place. You will never forget it.

Kankaria lake has many things to offer visitors. From the adventurous wildlife safari to a relaxing tour to the wildlife sanctuaries, kankaria lake zoo in Gujrat is for everyone. Once you go for a visit at kankaria lake, you won’t ever want to go out of the city again. It is like a second home to you.

There are many other attractions located near kankaria lake. A must visit attraction is the Dharamshala Tiger Reserve. A walk through this reserve will be like a stroll through a huge forest. In addition to this, the kankaria lake zoo has many water parks and the lake is also very popular among locals and tourists alike. So, don’t miss out on visiting this exciting attraction in kankaria.

kankaria lake ahmedabad city

kankaria lake ahmedabad city

If you have an idea that kankaria lake zoo in Gujrat is just for kids, then you are mistaken. The zoo is open all year round and is a great place for families as well as nature lovers. So, what are you waiting for? Book your kankaria lake safari now!

kankaria lake balloon ride

Are you looking for a unique and exciting kankaria lake balloon ride experience? Kankaria Lake, located in the city of Gujrat, is a unique destination that will surely thrill and excite you. It is also known as the Lake Authority’s Balloon Ride and is open for everyone from the ages of six to seventy-five years old. You can also enjoy the ballooning adventure with your family and friends. The kangri tal is also known as a mini-ountains and you can even bathe within its calm waters!

Kankaria Lake is not just a place for fun and entertainment; it is also a beautiful and picturesque destination. It is also known as the Lake Authority’s Water Park and has various water rides for everyone to enjoy. There are a wide range of water rides available in the kangri lakes including the kankaria water balloon ride. In addition to that, there are a number of picnic spots and camping facilities where you and your family can relax and unwind. The kankaria lake authorities provide many different activities and facilities for the entire family. These include boating, kite flying and fishing, trekking, water ballooning, camping, nature trails, picnic spots, and a cinema.

For those who love adventure and excitement, the kangri tal is definitely an enjoyable ride. This scenic section of the kankaria lake is home to some splendid waterfalls and gushing cascades. This place is known for its scenic beauty and the kangri tal is definitely one of the must-visit attractions when you are in this region. There is a bridge at the kangri lakes where you can view this spectacular scene from a comfortable and safe point.

Another highlight of kankaria lakes is kangri tal. Here, you will be able to view the majestic sunset and the sparkling sun. There are also some beautiful lakes here which you can view from kangri tal. As such, it is certainly a popular spot with both local people and tourists. The kangri tal is open for visitors all year round.

As we mentioned above, kankaria lake is known for its wide variety of water activities. However, if you are looking for a relaxing and peaceful trip, kankaria lake is definitely the place for you. You can choose to go kankaria tour to the North or South kankaria regions. When you visit kankaria, it is important to organize a trip to the kankaria tulip bulbs field. It is one of the most popular sites in kankaria and you will certainly be able to find many tourists taking a trip to tulip field.

When you travel to kangri tal, there are two options for you. Either you can go kangri hiking or kangri fishing. Both these are among the popular sports organized at kangri lakes. Additionally, tourists can also enjoy kangri yoga session or kangri meditation.

In addition to kangri tal, there are numerous other water sports organized at kangri lakes. Many tourists love kangri fishing as it is a great experience. The fish here are bigger and you can easily catch them. Apart from fishing, you can also enjoy other activities such as kite boarding, snorkeling and cruising. Indeed, kankaria lake is one of the best destinations of accommodation in Kenya.

You can choose the place, time and method of your stay as per your choice. There are hotels, guesthouses and camping spots available at kangri lakes. If you wish to make your vacation even more exciting, consider booking kangri lake balloon ride. This amazing adventure will give you a lifetime experience. Book your kangri balloon ride today!

The journey of kangri tal starts from Lake Nakuru in South Tarangire and ends at the Lake Bogoria in Halle’s West Coast. The beautiful route covers the mighty Indian and White kangri trees, the graceful white and pink stream that flows alongside the kangri trees, and the peaceful village of Malagarasi dotted with kangri tress and fruit orchards. From the kangri tal, the journey takes you through thick forest before you reach the Lake Bogoria.

To book for kangri tour packages, you need to visit kangri lakes tour desk. You can also use kangri booking software for online kangri tours. With kangri packages, your total trip will be done within two days. For some, the kangri tour is incomplete without kangri tali trek. On your way back, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of waterfalls, the kankaria, and the villages.

The kankaria lake is known for its year-round refreshment and entertainment. During summer kankaria is a popular picnic spot for locals and tourists. During the monsoons kankaria lake is flooded with bargirls, ducks, and wild penguins. For sightseeing purposes kankaria lake is a must. The journey of kangri tal ends at the lake Bogoria where there are various accommodation options such as inns, hotels, and camping grounds.

How to Reach Kankaria Lake

How to reach Kankaria Lake, one of the most famous lakes in all of Gujarat, is a destination with a large number of tourists. This particular destination is very popular among honeymooners from all over the world because it offers some of the best natural sites around. It is also a popular destination for nature lovers and trekkers. Some of the places that you will want to visit while on how to reach Kankaria Lake are Maninagar, Bogmalo, Andal, Sarnath, and Teesta. All these are found within a four-hour drive from Ahmedabad.

One of the best ways how to reach kankaria lake is by air. There are two international airlines that fly to Maninagar. They are British Airways and Indian Airlines. The air route takes you through Godhra and finally ends at Indore. From there you have two options – the “live” train or the “passenger trains” to reach Kankaria Lake.

With the help of the internet, especially the Google Maps application, it is now very easy how to reach kankaria lake. There are several websites that offer online calculators that will give you the distance between two points. These calculators use the same basic calculation method as that used in airline companies. All you have to do is plug in your starting and ending point, and then press the submit button. It will give you the exact estimation of the exact distance. If you want to know how to reach kankaria lake with this option, the following formula will be of great help to you:

To find out how to reach kankaria lake by flight, you can first try out the best flight time that will take you to your preferred destination. You will get the exact estimation based on this flight time. If you want to know how to reach kankaria lake by road, you need to add 20 minutes for the return journey. Then, plug in your starting point with the appropriate number. Press the return key and wait for the estimation to be updated with the exact distance traveled.

You can also use the Google Maps application to plan how to reach kankaria lake by road. This distance calculator tool can be used to find the shortest road route between your starting point and the various points in gujarat. You can also add the stops along the way so that you can get an idea how to reach kankaria lake by driving. The Google distance calculator tool has a special option for adding the distance to your existing trip list so that you can get an estimation of how to reach kankaria lake via road or rail.

Once you know how to reach kankaria lake by plane, you have another better idea how to reach kankaria lake via rail. The Google distance calculator tool can be used to calculate the fastest way to the railway station from your home. If you use the best flight time available, you can also add in some extra hours at the airport so that you arrive at the right time. However, you may need to pay an extra fee for the journey into the railway station.

How to reach kankaria lake by driving? If you are familiar with roads in both the cities of Mpumla and Mank Capacity, then you will find it easy to drive your way to the Lakes. However, if you cannot manage the drive, then the Google Distance Calculator tool is the better idea as it provides the quickest way of how to reach kankaria lake via road.

kankaria lake ahmedabad address

kankaria lake ahmedabad address

Finally, how to reach kankaria lake via rail? If you live near the railway station, then you can simply ride the express train from the railway station to Mpumla. However, if you want to see the best views of the region, then it is best to travel by road. Take a bus or a taxi from the airport to the town center. By this journey, you will have a good idea how to reach kankaria lake by road.


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