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 A Historical Overview of the somnath Temple

A holy temple of Lord Shiva situated at Rishikesh, somnath temple gujarat is visited by travelers from all parts of India. This is a true sanctuary and a hall of great devotion. The name somnath is derived from Lord Shiva’s name and represents a lake where the Lord swam and rested for his complete abstinence from the world. This lake shares the same stream as Yamuna. Lord Shiva is believed to have performed this meditation to please his wife Goddess Lakshmi.

somnath temple history
somnath temple history

Rishikesh is a major hub and an important pilgrimage and tourist destination for Lord Shiva devotees and other tourists. A holy temple of Lord Shiva is visited by travelers from all parts of India every year. The somnath temple located at Prabhas Patan situated on the west coast of Gujarat, is visited by travelers from all parts of India every year. It is also a famous holy place and a main attraction of Gujarat. The somnath temple is situated in such a location that there is no direct straight line land relation between somnath beach and Antarctica.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is considered as the Lord of all beings existing in the universe. The name of the somnath is derived from the word “som” which means offerings made to the dead and this is believed to be the very first monument dedicated to the dead. In the year one day before Dhanteras and Dassera it is believed that the entire assembly of the deities got separated due to their quarrels and returned to their abodes. They are believed to have journeyed far across the heavens to reach the land of earth. According to myth, they established a kingdom here which was later named after the lord Shiva and this kingdom is what we call Indu.

There are many stories related to this temple history and they are told by the narrators. One of the most interesting legends related with the somnath is that of the story of the baby. It is said that the infant who was left behind by his parents on this somnath temple came into the world with a single tear. He was taken care of by the god Rama and the story goes that he loved the princess who was given the child as a gift but he was not able to present her with the physical body. He promised to return but one year later he went missing and it was then that the princess realized that the child was still alive and she went in search of the Lord Shiva so that he could present her with the body of her son.

So Rama went in search for this prince and came to the somnath temple where Shiva was born. The story further says that the infant was very weak and looked like a baby donkey. That was the reason the people decided to kill him. But the king offered his good wishes to the baby saying that he would become the lord of all creatures of earth and give him the potency to defeat any enemy. Rama accepted the offer and placed the gemstone in the mouth of the newborn. He then made the body visible and it was announced that the newborn had been inducted as a god by the entire kingdom.

Today there are many more temples and a lot of tourists visiting the somnath temple in Gujarat. There are many things that you can do inside the premises of the somnath temple like visiting the sculpture depicting the union between the goddesses of wind and rain, the dancing dancers and the seated elders and also the carved brass idols of the lord and his wife. There are a few interesting facts that can be told by anyone who visits this sacred temple. It is said that there are around four thousand years old relics that are found in the somnath temple in Gujarat.

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There are several stories that surround the construction of the temple. The most intriguing one talks about a king called Chandana who was very fond of astrology and was the cause behind the construction of this temple. He believed in the coming of rain and wind so he built a temple for both the conditions. The second temple that was built near the somnath is believed to have been constructed around 500 years after the first one was destroyed. This second temple was destroyed by the Christian army when they were occupying the state.

A legend has it that the second temple was destroyed because the people of that region did not believe in the gods. In the year 4012, the soldiers entered into the somnath temple and destroyed it along with all its possessions. However the legend says that the entire city of Gujarat rebuilt the somnath temple and placed it in another corner of the town. It is believed that this rebuilt somnath temple is what inspired the present day somnath temple in Gujarat. The third temple of Gujarat, which was destroyed by the Christian army is not much different in appearance than the somnath temple.

 somnathTemple History in Gujrat

You have decided to visit the somnath temple at Gujrat. But you are not sure what to take with you on your visit. The local temple authorities suggest that visitors should carry a copy of somnath temple history in Gujrat. This temple history will be of great help to you during your exploration of the somnath temple. Let us look into somnath temple history in Gujrat.

somnath temple live
somnath temple live

Sometime in the past, there was a king named Sindhindra, who had established a city named somnath in the lap of virgin Himachal Pradesh. This town was strategically located near the dehestar, or holy river of India. The holy river drains into the Bay of Bengal. The name of this river is ‘Brahma’, which can be traced back to the era of Bhabas Buddha.

The other name for somnath temple is ‘Nishchitar’ which means ‘the divine abode’. This was the capital of King Bahura, or Bhabra, who ruled over Magadh, and all the regions surrounding it. After his death, his son Maurya II came to power and founded the dynasty of Magadh (Mughal Empire). Maurya also founded some other dynasties in the region like Bairat (Argentina), Udaipur (India), Agra (India), and Jaipur ( Rajasthan).

Some of the major activities related to somnath include a special day in honor of Lord Krishna on Diwali Day, a festival on Bhaidooj, or Bhaidooj on this day, and a day for studying Vedic Astrology. The somnath temple at Gujrat also witnesses a special dance called ‘Magh Mela’; which is a spectacular performance, conducted by hundreds of dancers. There is also a Hindu religious occasion called Dhanteras that is celebrated on the somnath day. This festival includes a lot of rituals and other entertainment.

The temple is surrounded by a sprawling greenery and a tranquil environment. The interior of the temple has a very somber ambience. You can listen to the sound of waves breaking on the shore as you walk through the entrance. You will feel as though you are inside a ghost town. But you can also smell the aroma of flowers and food cooked by devotees of Lord Krishna and his family. This is the temple that was used by the followers of Lord Krishna as their center of worship from childhood until the last days of their life.

You will find a somnath for sale near the entrance of the temple. This somnath is usually painted by devotees who also decorate it with flowers, woodcarvings, beads and gold. You can have an arrangement of flowers and candles prepared by you. A small stone statue of Lord Krishna can also be placed here to accentuate the somnath. Some visitors also prefer to buy a somnath and set it at a location near the holy temple so that they can meditate and pray to their gods here.

There is no specific time period for celebrating this somnath. This somnath is observed in the morning, afternoon and even at night. In the morning, the whole atmosphere in the somnath changes and a fragrance of jasmine oil is spread all over. This fragrance is said to offer pureness to the mind of the worshippers. They can make the day even more memorable by reciting prayers before going to the somnath and by taking a dip in the holy water that flows here.

The somnath that is located at the Gangeside has a unique feature where small kids are allowed to play while they listen to the holy readings of the day. This somnath is also accompanied by a ceremony where sweets and other treats are given to the devotees. The somnath is opened daily for the public and is visited by tourists from all over the world.

How to Reach Smnath Temple Location

How to reach somnath temple location? In a nutshell, all you have to do is inquire about it. The holy pilgrimages are performed for the worship of Lord Shiva. There are several types of pilgrimage performed for reaching the Lord. You can either choose to go for a spiritual cleansing (pratyahara) or a religious one (mukhis). But the main intention of all the above mentioned rituals is reaching the Lord.

somnath temple city
somnath temple city

How to reach the Lord is considered as a major issue among the Hindus. There is no shortcuts in this regard. People who want to know How to reach somnath temple location generally start their journey by consulting the local priests or scholars. Then they proceed with the booking of hotel and other travel arrangements.

How to reach somnath temple location by land? There are several options available to the tourists. They can either ask for information from their travel agents or visit the local tourist office. In case of in-bound flight, the passengers are expected to have a printed copy of Panchkarma procedure of travel. It is strongly recommended that one reads it before travelling. This manual provides all the important information about the destinations, timings, etc.

How to reach somnath temple location through rail and road? The nearest temple to the Holy Parasvanath Temple is Parvathi Ayurvedic Temple. It is also about 15 kms from the airport. However, rail and road is not advisable during the time of operation of full temple services.

How to reach somnath temple location by boat? Boat ride on the sacred river Ganges is the best and secure way to reach the temple. Boat ride in the holy river Ganga gives the tourists a chance to see the miracle of river Ganga. There are some luxury hotels located near the site of holy river Ganga. One can inquire from the hotel staff about the best time and day to go for boat ride.

How to reach somnath temple location by air? Flights from Delhi to Cochin (the capital of Kerala) and Kochi ( Kerala’s second largest city) are available to take the passengers to the holy Ganges. There are many airlines which operate regular flights to Cochin and Kochi. Therefore, one should enquire from the travel agents about the availability of these flights and book them in advance.

How to reach somnath temple location via train? Kerala is one of the favorite tourist destinations of people from all over the world. So, rail and road is one of the best options to reach the temple. If one has an advanced booking for the tour package, then they can visit the temple before the tour ends. The temple is located near the railway station.

How to reach somnath temple location within few hours from Delhi? The fastest and easiest way is to hire Auto rickshaws from Cochin to reach the holy Ganges. There are many Auto rickshaws operating near the airport. Book your package from a well known travel operator or agent and he will provide you with all the details regarding the travel and how to reach the temple.

How to reach somnath temple location within few hours from Kolkata? The next best option for reaching the location is by Boat. There are many companies which offer ferry services from Kolkata to Cochin. All you need to do is hire the boat and avail its facilities. Book your package from a well known travel operator or agent and he will provide you all the details regarding the travel and how to reach the temple.

How to reach somnath temple location within a single day from Bangalore? The fastest and easiest way to get here is to rent a car from Cochin. You can reach the destination in just one day. There are many car rental agencies operating in Cochin. Book your package from any of the renowned travel operators or agents and he will provide you all the details regarding the travel and how to reach the location.

How to reach somnath temple location within a week from Kolkata? Cochin has got a lot to offer for the tourists. There are a number of famous temples located within a few kilometers from the city center. If you are looking to spend a few days in the holy land of India, Cochin is perfect destination for you. The holy sites are accessible only via boat or plane.

somnath temple distance
somnath temple distance

How to reach somnath temple location on a budget? There are number of places within walking distance of the site which offers cheap tour packages for the tourists. Visit local markets and shops for shopping items. There are also many Ayurvedic centers and yoga centers located in the close proximity of the holy sites.

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